What wrong with my Norway Maple Tree??

JakeRuJuly 26, 2013

We planted a Norway Maple Tree back in May. Before we bought the tree we had a wind storm and all the tree leaves were wilted. We planted the tree and followed all the instruction. The nursery told us they should got back to normal in a few weeks. It now July and and the leaves are still on the tree but are still wilted and now it looks like are getting burned. I'm really afraid that the tree is dying. I water the ever 3 to 5 days. I have the miricale grow steak in the grown and mulch on the bottom. Am I doing something wrong? Some one please help!!!

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Jake, that is a fairly large sized transplant. I guess the windstorm before you got the tree dried out the rootball and or the leaves causing the wilt.

You are probably earning its thanks for the effort you are putting forth!

What to do....

First off, does this type of tree grow well in your area? Do your neighbors have good looking ones? I was amazed at what grows and does not grow in the Denver area and don't want you fighting an uphill battle.

Second, use a small shovel and your finger to make sure your watering efforts are getting the rootball moist. Sometimes differences in soil composition between the rootball and our yards can either create a moist or dry spot.

Small foliage is normal for a stressed tree. You are right to be concerned. Does it have a warranty and how long?

Good luck, that had to be some work to plant.

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Thanks for your replay! Yes a couple of my neighbors have the same tree and there big a beautiful. I will try and make sure that the root ball is getting moister! Thanks for your help.

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