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hoghaven_duluthmnMarch 25, 2009

I received my nursery order from Jung's Seed today--too bad it is about 1-1/2 months early! I called them and they said they had a computer glitch that was triggering nursery orders to be sent whenever begonia bulbs were sent. I asked what was I supposed to do with the plants that arrived--we still have ice and snow banks on the ground with more snow coming?

They said to do whatever, they will be sending me a replacement order in mid-May and that I should not return the plant material.

So, I would hate to waste the plants. There are blueberry, raspberry and rose bushes. I thought I would try and pot them up. Any ideas about increasing the chances of survival?

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

If they are dormant I would also pot them up and keep them in an unheated garage. If they have green growth I would pot them and keep them in a cool sunny part of my house or under lights.

I overwinter dormant plants in my unheated garage every winter.

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mnwgal, thanks for your ideas. All of the plants were starting to bud. I went to Menards and got a dozen 12-inch plastic pots that were on sale. Have blueberry, raspberry, and roses potted up and at every window. It is so gloomy in Duluth in the spring, I hope they get enough sun light. The weather is going to be in the teens at night for who knows how long, and so outside does not seem to be an option. I hope they make it. I can always use more berries and roses.

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