WIC anyone in the program to except vegetable vouchers

Tom1953(5)June 25, 2004

We were recently approved to except WIC coupons at our farm market and when we go to the Farmers' Market. Does anyone else Participate in the program.



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We are approved to accept FMNP checks here at the farmstand and at our booth at farmers market. It added about what we make in a good week at market to our total income for the season. It gave me the opportunity to talk to parents and kids about fresh vegetables. Most of the parents I talked with didn't know how to cook fresh vegetables. They serve vegetables daily but they had always used canned. I'm including a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program

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Frank_Blissett(z5 MI)

This will be our first year as a market gardener (starting in a week and a half), so we can't say from personal experience. However, our local markets do accept them. I was told by our extension office (the markets' organizer) that the new producers every year will start by not accepting them, but quickly change their mind.

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food_4_me(z5b Chicago)

I am part of a farmer's market called HomeGrown in Chicago. We accept WIC coupons. Specifically we're in Humboldt Park on Saturdays, across from the Association House.

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We are in Hamilton Montana and we have WIC and Senior cupons. They are for $2 and you may not give change. They are good only for fresh fruit and produce. You can't buy honey,eggs, or jams and jelly with them. I feel they are good as they bring people to market and allow they to have fresh food. At the end of our market day the market master redeems the one and the other you take to the bank and deposit just like a check.

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I like the programs for the same reason, Margaret. The combination of fresh foods and the social aspect of farmers market are great for all involved.

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pkock(z6 OH)

Please do!

About 6 years ago, before we had land to grow those wonderful veggies and herbs, my kids and I were in the WIC program. WIC was great, but the only veggies it provided were carrots, and then only if you were pregnant or nursing.

When they handed out the farmers' market vouchers, I was *over the moon*!! I made sure I never missed the market day. On our limited income, it was nearly impossible to buy fresh veggies - maybe we could buy enough for one dinner a week.

Canned and frozen are much cheaper, but nowhere near as good. The trouble is, budget minded people only buy canned and frozen veggies, and a whole generation of kids decides they don't like vegetables because they've never had them as they're meant to be!

Besides, I always ended up buying more fresh veggies at the markets than the vouchers covered, because I love them so much. Good business. God bless those of you who do.

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