Green Beans , storing ,washing, quality ??

joe-il(5)June 24, 2010

With all the heavy storms my green beans are a little dirty. Should I wash them before selling? Will they rust if I wash and put in fridge? or should I just wipe the dirt off as many as I can? How do you sell Quality green beans?

How long do you store them before market? I pick every day - every other day, How many days can I leave in fridge before market?

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I don't recommend washing your green beans, I would wipe them off. my beans sometimes have some dirt on them but my customers are ok with a small amount.

I would pick every other day or at least 2x per week. I don't normally refrigerate anything, but recently I have put some in a refrigerator set on the warmest setting so that it just barely cools. I only keep them for 1-2 days from picking, if the beans are the least limp they go into the compost pile.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

I pick the morning of for an afternoon market, after the dew is gone of course. I usually pick twice a week, Wednesday morning and Friday nights. I never wash them. I did once and I had to throw out a bunch. Also, never put them in a bag wet or damp. If they are damp when I pick. I dump them out in a thin layer in my basement and let them dry off. I did this once when it started to sprinkle on me with 10 feet left to pick. It worked fine.

It depends on the temp, sometimes I put them straight in the fridge other times I just leave them out in my cool basement. It depends on when I finish picking them. Most of the time they go in the fridge.

If you put them in a fridge, the best I do is Wednesday morning to Saturday morning. Anything after that, we process or eat.


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We do wash our beans both for appearance sake and sanitation. They go into a mild clorox solution then into clean rinse water. We store the bean in flat 1/2 bushel crates in our cooler making sure there is air circulation to dry them out - moist beans will not hold. Green beans hold best around 40 degrees and 95% humidity which we have trouble maintaining without freezing up the unit. On market day we use ice chests to hold the beans putting out only enough on the table to fill you display. They stay nice and crisp that way. We pick three time a week during main season but sell the bulk of them on Saturdays - maybe 12 bushels a week. It's the best system we have come up with to hold them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Green Beans and Field Peas

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