Garden Party in Aquasco Tuesday

vladpupApril 12, 2005


- We're having a pre-swap garden party in Aquasco Tuesday!

- Bring plants, shovels, sunscreen, and maybe a little something for the table.

- Yup, it's short notice but this is REAL informal. If i have stuff you want, this is a good time to get it.

- i always have way too much to bring to the swap - and even more to bring home after - so this is just my way of gettting some of the "pre-arranged trades" done ahead of time.

- So, if you think i should want to do a trade with you, and you don't mind driving down MD 381 to where PG County meets Charles County and the Patuxent River, you (and your plants) are welcome.

- This is in NO WAY meant to replace or infringe on the REAL MAG MD Spring Swap, which will be the highlight of the season. This is me trying to make it a little less hectic 'round here come the REAL swap.

- If you can't make it down here Tuesday, i will see you at the REAL swap 14!

- Happy Gardening,


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Next Tuesday April 19th or was it today?

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- April 19th.

- This "practice swap," a mere warm-up in anticipation of the REAL swap at Henrietta's, is going to be a very informal day in the garden; i'm just going to toss together a tuna-pasta salad and bake a cake and make endless pots of tea; if y'all want to bring something to add to the table, good, if not, do come on down anyhow!

- i will also get a big bag of carrots, in case anyone wants to visit with the horses.

- There is a fenced area, mostly sunny but with a big shade tree, withing sight of about half the gardens, which will be ideal for any tots-in-tow, so this will be a kid-freindly day, in case anyone needs to bring little ones with them.

- Don't be shy about bringing a shovel or trowel and something to carry some plants home in! And feel free to bring ANY kind of plants with you; y'all can swap amongst yourselves and i will find a happy corner for anything! (Y'all know what i like; any kinds of plants but especially preennials in blue and purple or herbs and edibles. Anything from Mystreriosa Obscura var. Exotica Anonymous to ditchlilies. Houseplants will be eaten by Ivan the Indoor Jungle Cat - he wants more too!)

- my freind Frank will be there to photodocument the whole mess, so we'll have a record of of any fiascos that occure!

- OK, now i must get out there and try to tidy the gardens before y'all get here!

Happy gardening,

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I wish I lived near you~ It sounds like fun:-(

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- If you want to come down to Aquasco on Tuesday April 19, e-mail me for directions and phone number. So far, it looks as if we will have a half dozen people.

> - Happy gardening,
> -vlad
> my spring garden:
> my plant exchange page:

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