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mrsg47(7)June 24, 2013

Hi, I am new to this forum, I usually post in the fruit and orchards forum. I have a small private orchard with berry plants as well. I go to our farmers markets every week. There is a woman who makes cakes and local chefs go there as well. I was describing mirabelle plums and currants in four colors. The baker and chefs were thrilled. Can I sell to them? If so what is the process. I have been thinking of a booth (small tent) at the market myself, but my crops are still on the short side. I have 60 berry plants and 25 trees (different fruits). thanks in advance for any advice.

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Get their contact info, if they're interested you can wholesale directly to them without having a booth at farmer's market. Check with your state to see if you need any kind of license.

60 berry plants (all the same kind?) might be enough to supply the cake lady and/or one chef, I don't know if you'll be able to do more than that. The fruit trees (what do you have besides plums?) might be enough to keep everyone happy.

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8 apples,3 apricots, Italian plums, three mirabelles, five peaches, a montmorency cherry, five pears. The sixty berries are only the currants I have have raspberries and blackberries too. And three crabs.

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Well, given the variety (so smaller quantities of each) I'd say make a deal with the 1 chef who would want all or most of the fruit from the trees (and berries too). The cake lady would take whatever berries he doesn't take (if any - brambles are in high demand) and maybe the cherries too if you didn't have enough cherries (or anything else that's limited) for him.

Just noticed you're in RI - where? We used to live in Exeter, just moved to the family farm 6 yrs ago.

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In Newport!

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Ajsmama, thanks so much for the info. I read about a woman who only has three mirabelles trees, i have five, and she sells her entire summer crop to one chef. I have red raspberries (three varieties of red, yellow, and black raspberries) I also have blackberries. My highbush Maine blue berries just went in. I have tons of currants this year. I also grow, "Mara des Bois' and Fraises des Bois strawberries. Cherries are almost over at this point. I have two varieties that are ripe end of july beginning of Aug. too. I"m exhausted just thinking about this as I do it all myself.

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If you're counting the strawberries in with the 60 berries then it sounds like you only have enough for 1 wholesale customer. What's the difference between Mara and Fraises? They're both the tiny "wood" strawberries, right? I have those too (just wild ones I transplanted) and they are so tiny and labor-intensive to pick it's not worth selling them. I started with 30 June-bearing plants last year, spread to app. 100 (in 100sf) and estimate I've gotten 20 lbs of berries off them so far this year.

Also, how many of each type of raspberry do you have, how many blackberries? I have 5 Killarney, 4 Encore, and 4 of another variety person who gave them to me didn't remember, all planted last year so will bear this year (Killarney are ripening now) but again not enough to market (maybe to cake lady?) , they have spread so next year hope to have enough.

How many blueberries? You might get a small harvest next year (my Patriot are loaded) but I think it takes them a while to get established, I just put mine in last year as well. We do have tons of lowbush and highbush wild blueberries but they're scattered all over and impossible to net. We have wild blackberries (as well as 5 Triple Crown blackberries) and raspberries too. I also do all the picking and processing myself.

I planted some clove currants last year, see berries now, most are green but some are black, the black ones seem to be dried up though we have plenty of rain?

Our apple trees are in rough condition - haven't been maintained in about 50 years. I'd like to plant peaches - hear they don't take as long as apples. Not sure if apricots will grow well here in the foothills. What are mirabelles?

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No I have 300 'Mara des Bois' alone. They are the cultivated hybrid from France that were later developed in Canada. I get them from Norse Farm. They are very tasty, sweet and a medium sized berry. Far more flavor than Fraise des Bois. they are not wild at all. Mirabelles are the delicate, sweet but small plums from Northeastern France, they are from Nancy and Metz. I only grow gourmet, heirloom fruits. In all I am in a much warmer micro climate. There are many vineyards here. I have 22 Caroline raspberry, five 'Kiwi Gold', two 'Jewel', 20 red, and one bristol. I have ten 'Ouachita' blackberries. Many currants. The rest are all trees. (pome and stone fruit). Mrs. G

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