Goji berry bush

strandbe(z4 MN)March 13, 2012

I have been growing a goji berry bush/tree outside for the past five years. It leafs out fine, but I get a sporadic number of blossoms and about six berries a year.

It gets about eight hours of sun, and I don't overwater it.

Any idea why it's not producing? Also, is it too late now (March 13) to prune it? Given our weird weather, who knows, right?

Thanks for any help.

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I'd never heard of this plant,so did some quick research, aka googled it. Sounds like an interesting thing to grow. Sorry I don't have any experience that might help you, but thanks for calling our attention to it. Perhaps others will chime in.

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I have been growing some Goji berry plants. They don't do well for me either - they always die back and regrow from the roots. I think our climate is a bit too harsh - the sources I have come across state zone 5 to be the lowest zone in the hardiness range.

Was worth a try, but personally I am done experimenting with this variety.

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Hi I have 2 Goji Berry Plants I purchased in 2007 .They look great never had any blooms tho untill 2010 and no berries at that time even with temps of -15 ( lots of snow coverage) they did not die back, in 2011 had lots of blooms but only few berries. This year lots of blooms and still have berries even got enough to eat some lol.
I think I just need to put in two more plants I never realized I could propagate them my self duh, so I will try that. I tried dormant bare root plants first never lived then the potted plants and they are doing great. I lost touch with Timpanogos Nursery can't find them again , I did receive a newsletter from them (before my pc crashed) very informative. Could some one help me get in touch with them again ?

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