Multivitamins are shortening your life!

tobr24u(z6 RI)March 5, 2013

According to an article in the Scientific American for February antioxidants are not healthy in pill form. Studies are showing that rather than increasing longevity they are doing the opposite. Researchers recommend that you load up on fruits and veggies and only take a vitamin supplement for a specific deficiency as determined by a doctor. My Centrum Silver is going in the toilet and yours should, too...

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This has always seemed obvious to me. Get nutrients from food, not pills. The only time pills are useful for this is for a short term deficiency in some area (ie, iron).

I have this argument with peope all the time. Stop taking those multi-vitamins and eat healthy. They don't believe me. I'll have to go find that article...

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Yep better in the original packaging.

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Different people metabolize/shed vitamins, trace minerals, essential amino acids and vital nutrients differently, and that can be greatly influenced by medications and disease.

Some things really are lacking in modern diets, stuff like chromium, iodine - which is why they intentionally put it in salt - magnesium, and so on.

I take a vitamin / mineral / weird stuff supplement daily, have for years.

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Why spread the wealth around to those sharing your municipal water supply? Throw them in your compost pile.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Yes why buy the vitamins just stop buying bottled water. Drink from the tap. You will get your neighborhoods waste.

If you are lucky you have a doctor in your area that can help you with the vitamins you are lacking and suggest foods you should add and if it is something you really cannot bring yourself to eat he/she can suggest the vitamins to take.

I am looking into juicing. I have seen a lot of studies on fruit, veggie juicing that seem to be helpful. One doctor told me I should eat some liver I cannot get that mud down my throat. I had to go with a vitamin.

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I've heard different stories on this. I eat very healthily with mostly fruits, veggies, eggs, and grains, but I DO take 6 supplements daily. Vitamin D 2000 units, B6, B12, magnesium, Vitamin C 1000, and a women's silver. Centrum. I'm trying to cover all bases.

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I would wholeheartedly agree, Tobr. Processed nutrients are such a scam.

I'm a huge believer in the words, "we are what we eat", and it's a philosophy we follow as closely as we can, with regard to fresh, natural food items. We try to eat a large variety of the foods necessary for balanced nutrition... whole grains, unaltered meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, herbs, etc... and we try very hard to avoid anything processed, altered, grown with chemicals, created in a lab... anything that Mother Nature does not produce, herself, so to speak.

I do sometimes consume pharmaceutical grade nutritional products from a specific health food company, but those products are a whole different animal than the multi-vitamins and other items offered in pill form. They are 100% digestible, usable, nutritional products that we've heavily researched and are satisfied with.

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Humans evolved with a very different diet than we have today. In the good old hunter-gatherer days, what ever they managed to kill, they ate the whole animal.

Not many Americans continue to eat offal and other organ meats - at least not very often - which is a major source of oddball but necessary nutrients.

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My doctor told me that most likely it was the municipal water supply that caused an Helicobacter pylori infection way back in my 30's. The antibiotics taken for that along with the bacterial infection have caused my stomach to barely absorb vitamins. Even when I take them in pill form I can barely get my blood work numbers to rise. Paint with a broad brush if you want but some people don't manage vitamins and minerals well - for all sorts of reasons (age, race, genetics, health history, etc.)

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Americans are rivaled only by Australians in the value of thier pee-which is where most of the vitamin supplements you take go. In order for that to happen your liver and kidneys are having to work over time. I would hazzard a guess that is not an optimum situation. It is a curious thing though that science is not likely to separate anyone from the supplements they take. It seems to be more of a religious thing with people. I have a BinL who is huge on that sort of thing.

It is a rare doctor who has studied this field since it is not normally taught in Med school-a nutritionist would be more to the point if you think you might have a problem. They would be able to steer you to the right specialist since some people do not absorb nutrients as they should.

I have read in the past that the Centrum line of vitamins is one of the worst offenders in not actually having the vitamins they promise in a form you can use...dont know if that is still true.

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tobr, follow duluth's advice and use them as fertilizer, that's about what they amount too. I still take adult centrum but only 1/2 tab every other day.

David, I like liver & onions and esp fried chicken livers with gravy, but for several years now I'm reluctant to dine on those due to angst over what the animals are now being fed and the effects on their livers. Drugs, steroids, growth hormones, etc, makes me question the muscle tissue as well.
Sorry Vegans, I'm a meat eater but I do like it clean.

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And, Costco brand tested as one of the beat! I have to take a couple of specific vitamins and get blood tested frequently to insure my levels are still good, especially iron.

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cookie8(zone 5 ON)

Not to mention our soils are very depleted of many minerals due to lack of traditional farming of rotation. Plus the animals we eat do not have a natural diet so their omega 3/6 ratio is all mixed up.
Most people are far too squeamish to eat the organs - lots of vitamins there. Yep, I'm not giving up my supplements - MSM, glucosamine, fish oil, vit D and a multi. I will spend a bit more and get from a reputable company. I think I might go so far as to say I trust the vitamins more than most foods in the grocery store, lol.

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I eat very healthy so I didn't think I needed multi vitamins but I started taking them because I have low Vitamin D (quite a feat in Florida) and Potassium. Bananas and V-8 didn't really help that much. I started taking vitamins and they actually make me feel better so I plan to continue. I just they could make them smaller.

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My first line should have read that Costco's Kirkland brand was one of the best in containing what the package claims.
Patricia, I would venture the guess that we read the same article - I buy the Costco Kirkland brand and was so happy to discover that I was taking probably one of the more honest of brands when it comes to content.

Was very surprised at how badly Centrum and several other more expensive, well known name brands rated.

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I tried taking multi-vitamins a few years back, but they made me feel ill for hours thereafter. I do take 1000 ml of B12 daily per doctor's orders. My levels were way low, and supposedly this can cause neurological issues...

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This is what I take - buy if elsewhere where its less expensive, but this site had the ingredient list.

Reminds one of the three witches in McBeth brewing it up....

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I was also advised to take vitamins and minerals with a meal containing as many of the vitamins/ minerals as possible, because what is in the pill works upon the vitamins you get from a food source - so I take mine with my evening meal since it is the most well rounded.

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terrene(5b MA)

Not many Americans continue to eat offal and other organ meats - at least not very often - which is a major source of oddball but necessary nutrients

Ugh, I will have to be starving and with few other options before I will eat things like offal and liver or any red meat. In the meantime I usually eat lots of high-micronutrient foods (veggies, fruits, beans, seeds, nuts & grains) and try to remember to take a few supplements daily (multi, Vit B, Vit D, calcium/mag, & fish oil), but it's more like every other day. In the winter, Vitamin D gets too low without a supplement.

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I have tried taking a high quality fish oil but just cant. It causes regurgitation that is so sickening I end up throwing up within just a couple of hours. I was told that if I stuck with it that would greatly lessen but after nine miserable days I cheerfully threw them away.
I do wonder - with the poor state of quality of fish rendering it to be unhealthy, would not this also apply to fish oil also? It seems to me that this would be true but I really have no idea if it is or not.

I cant tolerate anything in a capsule suspended in oil. However, oil used in other manners is fine and I do eat fish fairly frequently, although I've cut way back on fresh, grilled rainbow trout since I keep reading that it is in the list of fish that is no longer healthy to consume.

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I would say that eating livers, hearts, gizzards, and other organ meats today is not the same as it was 20 or 30 years ago... mainly due to how meats are grown, fed, medicated, and processed today. Farming and production methods have changed drastically to keep up with a growing population and its needs or desires... and not always for the better.

My husband equates eating organ meats with eating the filters off one's car... and he has a point! LOL!

But seriously... beef, pork, and poultry are not commercially grown the way they used to be. They're often given medicines in a preventative fashion instead of when needed, and things like hormones are frequently used. I have to think that it all must have some sort of generational or cumulative effect, perhaps residual... I'm not comfortable with commercially produced meats.

I would very much agree that the average physician is not incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to proper nutrition and diet... it's not a subject delved deeply into during medical school, and is more of a specialty area. Lucky is the patient who's doctor is knowledgeable, and asks about diet and nutrition as part of the patient's overall health! What we consume is greatly linked to our health.

And the big question... are we really getting all the vitamins and minerals we need through the foods we eat today? It seems there are many factors involved... open pollinated versus hybrid or GMO crops, farming methods, chemicals used and the microbial and mineral health of the soil, etc...

Research has shown that "food grown in soil lacking available minerals can produce food lacking nutrients."

It's interesting to note that in studies, open pollinated crops contained more nutrition than their hybrid or GMO counterparts. Interesting article linked below...

Here is a link that might be useful: Mineral Depletion

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Jodi, that's a good point. I've recently been able to harvest enough spring greens to fill the plates at my table every night and I've heard time and again how much better they taste. I had forgotten how thick the leaves are on my lettuce, how full they are, how rich the colors compared to the grocery store veggies.

I use organic composted manure on my garden, a couple truckloads a year. It's amazing to watch the plants perk up after applying. All organic, all the time. People laugh because my hobby is gardening. It takes a lot of time, but I use my muscles, am out in the air, and get a wonderful reward. Real food.

I don't take vitamins, except vitamin C, etc for specific ailments. I do juice. Right now I'm drinking yesterday's leftovers when I juiced a beet, four carrots, three celery, one apple, two oranges, parsley and a pear.

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I never did believe in commercial vitamins although I relented and bought a bottle of expensive chew tablets a few years ago at the insistence of a friend who said she felt so much better after taking them.

I took a few, came across them last month and dumped them--and they still don't expire till September.

I do take Solgar brand Vitamin C, which helps me when my bronchitis acts up, as I avoid antibiotics, steroids, and doctors.
I also take apple cider vinegar and try to eat an apple a day.

I cannot tolerate calcium and won't take supplements--kidney stones happen every time. Instead, I eat salmon and spinach.

This year my garden will have organic beets, carrots, eggplant, peppers, and regular onions, parsley, other herbs, etc.

I do not believe in shortcuts to doing the right thing--and that includes taking vitamins instead of eating healthy--unless of course, there are special situations which prevent people from getting their vitamins and nutrients from food.

My opinion is that most people should take a 15 minute walk and forget all the supplements.

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I agree with Demi,(don't have a heart attack ,Demi) that getting yourself moving will do more for your body than vitamins. I too cannot tolerate calcium, and because of my small bone structure and osteopenia, doctors always want me to take it. Last week's news said it does nothing for your bones and may be detrimental.

Can't wait till the spring garden is planted with spinach which I could eat in almost any dish I prepare.

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Think about this-growing a garden not only gets you high quality produce, it also gets you out in the sun(VitD) and gets you all that healthy exercise-toss out those supplements and go garden.

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That's awesome, Silver!

We try to grow a variety of foodstuffs, and I'd like to grow more. That flavor would be linked to nutrition, I'm betting... but it's very true that a lot of commercially grown and sold hybrid fruits and vegetables are lacking in flavor, substance, texture, etc... it's sometimes like eating cardboard!

The season before last, our Fuji apple tree produced a decent amount of apples, and a visitor remarked that he'd never tasted such a delicious piece of fruit! He hadn't realized or remembered that apples could taste so good! The tree is actually growing in what amounts to the old driveway, where it's terribly rocky... but I use duck and goat manure to fertilize the area, and I keep building the soil with compost. The apples ARE fabulous, and I hope the tree produces well this coming season!

Something to think about regarding concentrated juices... our doctor mentioned the fact that in nature, we would eat one apple, or one orange, or maybe two bananas, or whatever the fruit is, at a time... we were never meant to consume so much of that one item at one time, so concentrated juices are an overload. We should take care how much juice we consume.

The same for dairy products. Humans are the only mammal that continues to consume milk and products made from milk beyond weaning. If we were meant to continue drinking milk, women would continue to lactate. As we are weaned from the breast, we begin getting the calcium and other vitamins or minerals we need from other foods.

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I wanted to chime in since I just recently started using the Primal Blueprint (eating like cavemen). It's not as restricting as the Paleo Plan (more popular) and is open to a lot of interpretation but the main rules are:

- Only eat whole foods

- No wheat of any kind, corn or soy

- No sugar

- Eat well 80% of the time

I'm only eating (allowing for the 80%) local, organic produce and local organic grass-fed meat, local organic grass-fed raw dairy. I can't even begin to say how great I feel. Sleep, digestion, weight, mobility, sense of well-being - all have been positively affected.

Next thing is getting rid of all the supplements I take except for B12 & Fish oil, which my Doc wants me to continue for the time being.

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Jodik-if your opinion about milk was true then we would be doomed to starve since milk is the only food that nature provides via our mothers-all the rest is scavanged from nature-so where does it say that it is natural to eat bananas? Other mammals offered milk will certainly partake-pigs are especially fond of milk and in many culutres were raised on the leaving from making cheese and any older milk products. When I lived in England you had to get your milk in as early as possible because the sparrows would pick through the lids and drink your cream.

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That milk taken, or coerced, if you will, from other large mammals was intended to feed their young... and that production would not be so overwhelming if cows had not been BRED toward high production, and their calves not taken away from them.

If you look at large mammals in the wild, they do not have gigantic udders, nor are they bred for mass production of milk, nor do their offspring get removed from them and fed milk replacer, as is common on dairy farms, before they're sold to market.

The idea of drinking milk and eating dairy products from other sources is entirely a man made one. All mammals lactate following pregnancy, humans among them.

Once a calf is weaned, it begins to eat what it will eat as an adult... vegetation. Once we are weaned, it follows that we should begin to eat what WE will eat as adults... a combination of vegetation and flesh. Cattle are herbivores, and we are omnivores.

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Cooking meat is also exclusively man made. How is drinking milk any different than consuming other parts of an animal?

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Hi Kelly.

Long time. ;)

Can you tell us how long you have been on this program and what aspects of this eating program you feel have had the largest impact on your sleeping and energy patterns, or weight?

I just downloaded the 21 day program on my Kindle.


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It's completely different. Meat is cooked to ensure the death of any parasite contained within. And believe me, some meats contain dormant parasite eggs or parasites in various stages within the muscle, or meat... unless they are cooked.

Humans have been both hunters and gatherers throughout early history, and have evolved with the teeth, digestive tract, and wherewithal to both hunt for and eat meat, and to gather from our environment.

Man was eating a variety of meats long before we domesticated the bovine, the cow.

No animal in nature produces milk beyond weaning without man's intervention, or without first giving birth... and humans are the only mammal to drink or use the milk of another mammal beyond our own weaning. Every other mammal is weaned and goes on to consume whatever its diet will be as an adult.

The Dairy Counsel might see it differently as milk is their bread and butter...

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hamiltongardener(CAN 6a)

Humans are scavengers and any natural source of nutrition is part of their diet. This includes eggs (not naturally popped out of a human's body) milk, grains, and fish. This is the way we evolved, as scavengers.

This idealized caveman sort of diet usually fails to recognize that humans evolved not as the top of the food chain, that if they came across grains they could digest in the wild, they would eat them. Any fruits, veggies and leaves they could digest, they would also eat. This was the majority of what they found. Carcasses from other animal kills were a prized source of energy, including the marrow from the bones that other mammals could not use tools to reach.

Eggs (another "not natural" intended use) were scavenged for the nutrition. Just because they belong to a different species does not mean it's not intended for humans.

And a human mother can continue to lactate for as long as there is someone nursing. As a supplemental form of nutrition, there is no time limit on how long milk can be used. It's only that humans grow out of it being the ONLY form of nutrition. It doesn't mean it's not natural... any food source cannot long be used as the ONLY source of nutrition for a human.Try eating only asparagus in your diet, you'll soon find that it is not a complete source of nutrition for a human. That doesn't mean that it is not meant to be consumed by humans or that it's not "natural"... it only means that it is just a portion of what we can eat.

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I just returned from a month in Central America - wonderful people and trip. Backpacking/riding buses through 5 countries. I mostly ate the local diet which consisted of rice, veggies, meat (whatever they had - seafood near the coasts, armadillo stew a couple of times) and corn tortillas (sp) every meal. I splurged a couple of times with a stack of hot cakes, which was always served with huge slices of watermelon or a bowl of fruit (some of which I recognized). They can't afford fertilizers and pesticides in most places, and everything tasted fabulous. A small plastic bag of freshly peeled and sliced mango's sold by a young girl for the equivalent of a nickel is so refreshing when you have been walking for hours.
While I was traveling, it was often inconvenient to take my blood pressure medicine and supplements, so I skipped them. My weight dropped from 230 to 215 pounds and my blood pressure seems to have decreased 20 points overall.

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We have found that if we eat a natural, nutritious, proper diet, we don't experience issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stomach or digestive issues, acid reflux, indigestion, excess weight, or many other issues often caused by poor diet and/or poor exercise.

Some issues can be inherent... this much is true... but I do think that many health issues are brought on by our very poor eating habits and a more sedentary lifestyle.

One thing that we consume religiously, as it's often missing from today's mass produced food source, is food grade diatomacious earth, or silica. DE has many benefits... it scrubs the digestive tract and colon removing toxins and other residues, kills parasites, and allows the body to better process what it intakes.

Just a few of the benefits we notice are lowered blood pressure, better cholesterol numbers, easier and better digestion, clearer skin, healthier hair and nails, less joint pain, and just an overall feeling of being healthier and feeling good.

I also feed it to our dogs to keep them healthier and parasite free.

Since I wasn't there to see exactly how early man evolved, or what caused him to discover that cooked meats were better than raw, I'm going to assume that it was discovered as much was at that time... by accident. But I'm fairly certain that man decided it was better that way, and thus we evolved from such a point cooking many different foods to make them more palatable.

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Hey, Steve, sounds like a wonderful trip.

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I suspect someone back in the mists of time chanced upon a hapless animal victimized by lightening and/or natural fires. Taming fire was the next trick.

Is it worth wondering why we didn't evolve out of having canine teeth? So handy for ripping and tearing. If one believes in dumb luck, perhaps the idea of putting our foot on and tearing many of the tough cuts of meat available today never actually went away.

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hamiltongardener(CAN 6a)

We have found that if we eat a natural, nutritious, proper diet,

But here's the thing, jodi.

You've told us before that the diet you follow that keeps you healthy and keeps your lupus symptoms at bay includes (among other things) two or three chocolate meal replacement shakes per day, a handful of vitamins and supplements, and greek yogurt.

Now, the meal replacement shakes are definitely not found in nature, the shakes and the greek yogurt are both dairy products, and those vitamin supplements, well, they are bad but they are part of your healthy diet?

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I still don't get why we are not "meant" to drink milk.

Hi Demi. I'm mostly in lurk mode but like to come out of the closet on occasion.

I've only been on the program for two weeks now. I have been eating very healthfully/wholly for awhile now so I would say the most drastic difference to my diet is no wheat and sugar (well, I do have a Tbl spoon of honey now and again). The basics for no wheat is that it contains "anti-nutrients" (toxins) that cause inflammation, digestive and immunity problems. I'm not completely convinced that this is true, but like I said, I'm feeling pretty good without the wheat so I'm willing to keep it out of my diet.

Last week I lost nine pounds and a great deal of bloat that I wasn't even aware of - thought it was gut fat! This week I've lost three pounds. Also, I've always been a light sleeper - I'll wake up a couple times a night, feeling uncomfortable or hot. Within these last couple weeks I started sleeping through the night. I can't even remember the last time I've done that. As far as energy goes, I wake up refreshed and ready to go, I work at my desk all day long but I feel more compelled to get up and walk around more. By bedtime, I'm dog tired and ready to go to sleep (not sure if my circadian rhythm would be affected so quickly?). Oh, and the best part, I'm satiated all day. I can eat breakfast and not feel hungry until late afternoon. I make a protein/veg lunch and only need a snack for dinner. A big part of the program is only eating when you're hungry - truly hungry and not "craving hungry" which is caused by carbs and sugar.

Anyway, there are some many different aspects of the program (saturated fat isn't bad after all?), you can easily pick and choose what works for you and what doesn't. Below is a link to the website.

Is it another fad diet? Probably, but I'm not lacking in nutrition or calories and it just gives me a great sense of well-being . . . so far.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marks Daily Apple

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It takes more than 15 minutes of walking to do any good- more like 45 plus minutes at at least 3 mph from what Ive been told. But that was fifteen years ago, maybe new studies has come out which would contradict the info I was given.

That was just a baseline to start out with if one was in pretty fair shape., meant to be built upon and improved, along with muscle work.

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Welcome "home" Steve. What a refreshing trip you had.

I take vitamin supplements, one of the natural food based multi-vitamins. You are supposed to eat something like 4/day, but since I eat pretty well I only take 1, sometimes 2, because they are supplements, not my primary source of vitamins & minerals. I also take extra vitamin D & C & magnesium.

I thought I read that people who take vitamins might die earlier, but they are healthier while they are alive. Presumably, they are happier as well.

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It's not that humans aren't meant to drink milk... we're not meant to drink it past weaning. I don't understand how that could be misconstrued. No other mammal provides milk to its offspring beyond that point. Doesn't it strike you as odd that humans do? It strikes me as extremely odd. Especially considering that the calcium and other vitamins are provided by other foods.

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Hi Steve, welcome home would love to hear of your adventures if you care to share on the conversation side.

My DH is silly (my take) when it comes to vitamins . He is religious in his vitamin regime.....I count 10 capsules and tablets daily. He is also a very, very healthy eater and in superb physical health for his age...for that matter for a man many years younger .

For my part I take calcium and vit D..that's it and need to do way better with my fruits and veggies.

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