Garden Way seeder problem

Penelope3June 13, 2011

I have one of these seeders and have been SO happy with it. Now...the black "knob" that the plates slip over and lock onto is frozen up. Any advice? Has this ever happened to any of you?

We have tried WD-40 and it still won't spin. It just seems to be too tight. I have no idea how this happened. Worked fine the last time I had it out. Thank you for any suggestions!

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check the 'belt'. I haven't had your experience exactly, but I have had to really push hard on the 'knob' to get it to turn.

I know the earthway website is very friendly and answered my questions quickly.


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I don't have a "Garden Way" but most of the vertical plate seeders work the same way. First as marla suggested check the belt. It can jump off either the wheel or plate pulley and wedge. If it is still tight after you have removed the belt, remove the plate. It is not uncommon for a seed to wedge behind them. If it is still tight, the assembly is held together by a bolt, whose head is visible in the center of the pulley. Use the proper size wrench to remove the bolt and disassemble the mechanism. Clean thoroughly, apply a light coating of grease to the bearing surfaces and reassemble. Tighten until there is no play in the system but turns freely.

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