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river22(Z6 OK)June 17, 2007

I am tinkering with the idea of either selling my produce at the Farmer's Market or selling straight to the supermarket. Does anyone here sell fresh herbs? I have lots of Dill ready and have seen it in the supermarket and it looked like they just cut the whole plant down and tied it up. However, I have not seen any at all lately. Would love to get some ideas

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Many people bag cut herbs in plastic but I've never seen the need to bother for either farmers' market or supermarket sales. I band and stack bunches into plastic containers with a few inches of water added. The water keeps most herbs from wilting. I sell directly from the plastic containers into T-shirt bags and customers expect that freshness.

For supermarkets you may need to ask for their preference. Most have misters and want exposed herbs. One store asked for bunches of herbs and they made smaller bunches before selling them. If they pay by the pound you make the same regardless of bunch size.

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I have the same question myself. We are selling to other stores . . . smaller stores that would like to carry fresh produce as well. I don't know how to keep my herbs perky looking. I bought some of those deli cups but I am worried that they don't have sufficient ventilation. Is it better to put them in the cooler or with the other produce (which will be inside in a cooler area but not in a refrigerated case)?

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Part of your obligation to your profession is to get the herbs to the store in short order after harvesting. You can also make suggestions to the store of how the herbs might be best displayed. Usually the produce manager or store owner is more educated in produce care than we are.

Avoid taking any herbs in closed plastic containers in your car trunk on a hot day. That is asking for trouble. If you have a long distance to travel consider ice packs or coolers to help keep them fresh. Tender dill will wilt at the drop of a hat so it is especially important to keep it cool.

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