Acer x Freemanii losing bark in vertical swaths, white fungus

rebuscannebusJuly 11, 2010


I don't know if there's any hope for my ~10 year old Acer x Freemanii. Last winter, apropos of nothing it seems, a 5 ft high by 6 inch wide swath of bark separated from the tree and fell off. White shroomy-type fungus has started to grow there. On the opposite side of the tree, a second set of vertical cracks has appeared. Whether this too will lead to bark loss remains to be seen. You can see photos at

So far this summer, the growth has been more vigorous than ever, and the foliage looks very healthy, but I suspect this may be some last hurrah before the thing croaks.

Any adivce/thoughts? THanks.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

The bark that fell off was covering an old wound and just now "let go." In other words, the tree was damaged a number of years ago.

The white mushrooms are growing in the dead wood that was behind the dead bark.

As for "more vigorous than ever," I don't see many leaves at all.

If the tree were mine, I'd start over with a healthy tree which I'd plant this fall.

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Just to be clear, the reason you aren't seeing in leaves in the photo album is b/c it was winter when I snapped the photos. I have since added two more to to illustrate its current state. The asymmetrical crown may make the foliage appear a little sparse, but be assured that's not the case. And as I mentioned, growth has been vigorous this season. Do you still advise to cut my losses (so to speak) and start over? THanks again.

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