mira_dunham(z7 MD)April 5, 2005

Just call me Elma Fudd, but the rabbits are eating all my pretties. A friend suggested red pepper. Does anyone know how to make it stick to the plants, or will sprinkling it on dry save my tulips and everything else they chomp. They ate every single crocus, last year I had gerber daisies for about two days, they left the foliage alone, but loved the flowers. I live in a townhouse so I can't use a fence

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julia3(z7a MD)

If I were you, I'd get one of those deer/wabbit repellants. I've used Deer Off and it has worked and I've been using Repellex which has a little bit of latex that helps it last through rain. Deer Off is safe for edibles; Repellex is not.

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Laurel7286(3b Wyoming)


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mira_dunham(z7 MD)

14 pound cat beats up 60 pound dog, the rabbit must be really nasty!

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julia3(z7a MD)

I have four dogs and they do not keep those waskily wabbits away.

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lvmygrdn(z7 MD)

I have used Liquid Fence with great success. I purchased it at a local garden center.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liquid Fence

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- i wonder, would wabbits go through a dence minihedge, say, a 2' deep perimeter around the edge of the garden, of wormwood? It ceraintly repells most critters!

- i read an idea on the Farm Life forum for stringing up an electric fence just 6" high to keep out critters. Most won't think to try burrowing under it. Use inverted plastic flower posts as "posts" and run the wire through the drain holes. If the pot has a single drain hole, put a loop of the wire into the drain hole and catch it around a stick or other object too big to go through the hole.

- Happy gardening,

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I've been thinking of surrounding my garden with a dense hedge of Rugosa Roses.

My father did this way back when (think 20 years here), & they proved to be a severe deterrent. The thorns are unbelievable - small, thin, numerous, & lethal.

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