A Real Bummer

nurseryman33(4/5)July 27, 2014

It looks like my Autumn Blaze maples have Verticillium Wilt. I'm guessing that the roots finally got out into the farm field, and they probably were damaged by the plow, and then the VW entered through the root wounds. I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but at the same time expecting it someday. I knew better than to plant maples near a farm field, but the price was right and I couldn't think of where else to plant them at the time. So far 3 of the 7 trees are showing it. I'm sure they're all connected underground.

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Those trees look fine to me?

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You can see two dying branches on the one on the left, and you can't really see in my terrible photo, but the right side of the top is dying on the third from the left. I climbed up another one that's not in the photo to cut out a couple of dying branches and discovered the trunk all shrunken and black and dead on one side - see new photo.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

How long does Verticillium wilt remain in the soil? I did a quick search and it said a "long time".

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I'm not sure anyone knows. Probably forever. This picture I took today shows 2 of the 3 affected trees. So far it is every other one (7 trees total).

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