Root size of Japanese maple (Bloodgood)

spppyang(South coast)July 22, 2006

I want to plant a bloodgood five feet in front of the house. Will the root damage the house? What is the maximum size the root can grow? Thank you.

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I wouldn't worry about the tree damaging your house but you might want to choose a smaller cultivar to plant so close to your house.


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Japanese maple roots are not considered aggressive - they will not damage a foundation in good condition.

Placement of a tree close to a structure should be determined by the mature spread of the canopy. A good rule of thumb is no closer than 1/2 the distance of the mature canopy. This allows growth that is unobstructed by limbs brushing the side of the house or roof which could cause damage to both the tree and the structure. 'Bloodgood' is a pretty robust cultivar and can develop a canopy of 20-30' over time. A better placement would be somewhere 10-15' away from the side of the house, or as Bill notes, select a smaller growing cultivar.

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Forgot to add that root spread on a mature tree can be considerable - at least the diameter of the canopy (more often, corellated to the height of the tree rather than the spread) and often quite a bit more, depending on the type of tree. Some larger growing shade trees have been found to have root systems that extend as much as 350' from the base. The bulk of these will be fine feeder roots but they can be almost as problematic for planting as larger, anchor roots.

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spppyang(South coast)

I saw the bloodgood at Home Depot. The label says the maximum height of the tree can reach 15 feet. The only spot I can plant it is about 5 feet from the house. I want to make sure it is still safe.

Another thing is the location gets eight hours of sun in Summer. Also it gets a lot of wind towards the house. I don't want to tree to lean on my house.

Thank you.

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Find another location. That tag info is NOT correct - 'Bloodgood' is one of the larger growing J. maple cultivars and 30' is generally suggested as a mature height. And it doesn't take all that long to get there. With a lot of prevailing winds towards that corner of the house you will get leaning. Not great for the tree and potentially not good for the house.

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I want to plant a Japanese Maple (Imperial) 5 feet from my in-ground pool, is this too close to the pool for the roots to cause damage in a few years?

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I have full grown Acer Palmatums growing two feet from my drive way. Solution? No visible damage to driveway, yet. Suggestions?

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Do not plant a Bloodgood that close to the house!! This is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too close as Gardengal stated. You will kick yourself in a few short years if you do it. I've only had my bloodgood for 3 years and it has gone from a 5' tree with a 3' spread to a 10'x 6'

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I am thinking of planting a Maple about 8 feet from my house and side walk and about 5 feet from the concrete steps leading to my house...Problem is that about 12 feet from the steps is the waterline for the house. Are the roots invasive? and what would the total root spread be?

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