Good help is hard to find

henhousefarmsJune 11, 2011

Finally figured out why it always takes so long to get anything done around here - every time I turn my back the help takes a nap!! Guess it's time to start cracking the whip.


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I'd say she's smart help!!--especially in the heat we've had the last few weeks. However, that pic was obviously taken earlier when potatoes were going in. I believe she's protecting them from voles or something!!

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Good pest guard critters are hard to find also. Maybe she was supervising???


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Noogy(6 sw mi)

I got me a hound from the pound, nose to the ground, and have found 3 dead cats placed in her 'sentinel' location. Not mine, but no collars on them...
So much for critter control!
Dog or moles/chipmunks/ etc.?

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He was a stray - came strolling up a couple years ago while we were picking green peppers. Took about a week to track down his family (almost 15 miles away) and sent him home. About a month later they called and said their neighbor had taking to shooting the neighborhood dogs and they wondered if I would take him. Could not say no - just too good of a hound. Between him and my pointer there isn't a rabbit safe in the section.


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I miss having a good garden protecting dog. We had one that would even 'help' pick wild raspberries. He would point them out for us to pick the top of the bushes, if he could have the ones at the bottom. No problem, saved us lots of time. He also made sure that no raccoons, deer or rabbits got into the gardens during gardening season. Outside of season, or out of the gardening plot was ok with him. Unfortunately he died about 4-5 years ago. It took the critters 2-3 years to figure out that he wasn't around.


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