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bchosta 8b west coast canadaJuly 8, 2014

Have read a few posts recently inquiring about recommended online retailers in Canada. I received an order a few days ago from Hosta Choice, based in Ontario - the third time I have placed an order in the past twelve months or so. Glenn is very personable, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. He tests for HVX, and I really appreciate the time that he takes to give an honest appraisal of the plants (size wise) that he has available for sale.

The pictures below don't show the great packaging, but I have been impressed each time with the care that he takes to ensure that the plants arrive in good shape.

First up is a fabulous Lakeside Cindy Cee, one that I have coveted for a while now.

Lakeside Cha Cha is another that I've be been looking out for, but haven't been able to find here in BC.

Here's Glorious. I don't know why this one doesn't appear to be more popular.

Despite losing his entire inventory of Bridal Falls due to the severe Ontario winter, Glenn was able to locate and include a replacement with the order.

Miss Linda Smith was a bit of an impulse buy, but I'm glad that I took the plunge - lots of eyes and the root ball is an excellent size.

Finally, here are the root systems for Moon Waves, Fleet Week and Frank Lloyd Wright.


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hostatakeover z6a swMO

All excellent choices and specimans, BChosta! The root systems are fantastic. Your impulse buy Miss Linda Smith has got me envisioning her in my own garden ~ stunning petioles!

You'll love Bridal Falls, too. That's awesome Glenn went the extra mile to locate one for you. What a great testament to his professionalism.

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bchosta 8b west coast canada

Thanks for the feedback HostaTakeover. I agree that the bright purple petioles together with the green wavy foliage make for a winning combination!

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


What a great selection you have of those plants. I think you and I both like upright ruffled plants. That MLS is outstanding. Lots to like in the gene pool of those Hostas.


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All look terrific....and a great selection of plants. Purchased Lakeside Cha Cha and Miss Linda Smith last month.
MLS is looking elegant already....I think you will really like it...... looking forward to watching how it develops.
If you like MLS check out Stir it up and Purple Heart
Purple Heart
lime to green leaves with red/purple going into the base of the leaf....petioles are very dark purple

Enjoy all the new ones!

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bchosta 8b west coast canada

Stingray Steve!
You've got me pegged! And your aforementioned plant ticks all my current boxes! Great looking hosta - though not readily available I presume.
Mbug... I started out purchasing bright and bold... these days not as much... thanks for the tips.

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Glad to see you got your order from Glenn for Bridal Falls. I too have it and a few others to follow from an order in spring and he goes to the limits to fill the orders even if he has had such a terrible winter kill. I have Regal Supreme, Andrew ,Bridal Falls to follow in mid July and Double up may come in for a July delivery but Green Acres he lost the whole crop but has a display I am hoping he may get a clipping even if it is a monster he will divide. They come packed so well, great healthy plants and well rooted. You will be glad you got Miss Linda Smith. Mine has grown considerably but got it through Hosta Geek (Fundy Beauties) Pat also sends nice large healthy plants. Love his fall sales too!

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