japanese maple problem

bama647(7a)July 30, 2010

Hi everyone great site glad to be apart of it! i am somewhat new to gardening and have found a ton of great info on here already. ok my question- i planted 2 japanese maples this year in mid may so i was a little late but anyway they allmost immediatly were attacked by japanese bettles. i was told to apply 7 dust to them and seemed to do a good job on the bettles. now my leaves are scorched and turning brown and kinda curling. im thinking the 7 dust done this and that i probably put it on to heavily. just wondering if im on the right track are is there maybe another problem?

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also should i do anything? im thinking i just wait til next spring with new leaves and all will be right again. thanks for your imput

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I have had a lot of success using the product called Seven and there is another called Eight. (Odd names....but makes sense if you have seen the product.) Its a liquid you hook up to your garden hose. What type of J. Maple is this? Very few if any J. Maples will not wilt/burn in the summer sun....at least where I am in STL,MO. Even my bloodgoods take a beating in this heat.

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Actually, the product name is Sevin and it is an insecticide with the active ingredient of carbaryl. 'Eight' is an entirely different product (permethrin). Both are broad spectrum insecticides, registered for Japanese beetles (among a large number of other insects) and both are available as a dustable powder.

If you are treating J maples for J beetles, a dustable powder or a systemic is the only way to go. Japanese maples have very sensitive foliage and will typically respond to anything sprayed on their leaves with a phytotoxic reaction.

It is unlikely the dust caused the leaf problems you are seeing. I'd guess that too much hot afternoon sun and insufficient water is the cause - newly planted maples are best with protection from strong afternoon sun and need frequent, deep waterings through summer until well-established.

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Thanks I'm sure this Alabama heat is the main problem. I have done a pretty good job keeping them watered but they are newly planted and out in full sun.

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even my potted jm's under the porch get burnt leaves in this heat. its east facing so they get direct sun from sunrise till about 10am. i water them about every 2-3 days.

you could probably get some pvc's and shadecloth and provide some shade for your jm's till they get established.

last fall we went over to San Antonio and visited their botanical garden. they had a couple of large jm's. they did exhibit some leaf scorching.

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