Take my liriope, please!

cecilia_md7a(7a/Baltimore,MD)April 3, 2009

I'm in the process of downsizing my garden because of my age, my medical condition, and at my DH's request! Among other goodies, I have variegated liriope (lilyturf) out the wazoo, which needs to be removed from around my driveway. It's more than a one-person job, and between my chemotherapy and my DH's carpal tunnel syndrome, it would take us forever to dig it all up. We're talking huge clumps here - as kind volunteers Giverny and Janet_M and her DH Greg can attest, it was a struggle to move what we dug up, and we had to use late mom's trusty hatchet to divide them.

If anybody is interested in this evergreen perennial that makes a great ground cover in either shade or sun (plus has pretty purple flower stalks in late summer), please feel free to dig 'n' haul your own. I'll bring as much as I can to the plant swap, but my strength and car space are limited.

I live in Lansdowne, MD, which is in SW Baltimore County, about a mile from the the Baltimore City line in one direction and a mile from the Anne Arundel County line in another. If you've been to any of the annual MAGTAG tomato festivals, I live very close to the park where we hold them.

Please email me and I will give directions if you are interested. I'm only working part time now, so I'm home most afternoons, evenings and weekends.

P.S. I also have lots of grape hyacinths, wood hyacinths, misc. iris and daylilies, ornamental grass, and other plants that have to go.

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Hello Cecilia:
I hope you are doing well in your health battles. Perhaps I can help clear out the liriope. I am concerned about time (next weekend is Easter and Sat Apr 18th is opening day of rockfish season).
Anyway, home for me is Beltsville, and I know Lansdowne pretty good - ever been to the Lansdowne Inn? Of course you have.
Anyway, perhaps i need to take a day off, and maybe hire a helper - let me know your suggestions... what will I need to transplant all the liriope. How much stuff we talking?

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Thanks for your good wishes, Henry - I've responded to you privately.

So far I have three interested parties (including Henry), so I think the liriope is pretty much spoken for. If there is any left after my three GW takers are through with it, I will either re-post or bring the extra plants along to the plant swap.

Thanks to all who responded. This is a big help for me!

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