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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)April 2, 2007

So I have these to under-Maple tree beds. The roots have eaten the soil so badly, they're like a mat of hair. I knew it would happen, but [sigh] you never think it'll happen to you. Kind of like, "Not MY kid."

I've decided to go hosta underneath them, because I love them and they can live in anything. Anything but voles' mouths, that is. Also, I'm going to try more helleborus, which have done really well there.

I'm putting this out to all of you folks who are heading off the the plant sales these upcoming weeks.

If you happen to see seedlings or small, decently priced helleborus, would you consider picking them up? I'd PayPal or deposit money in your bank accounts, or whatever you'd like immediately, and of course, come to pick them up.

I'm also hoping to get my gloms on some of the hosta the voles destroyed, which were my Sum and Substance, Patriot, Kabitan, Wolverine, Elvis Lives (but not at my house), Cherry Berry, Red October, Golden Edger, and a giant green one that was just smaller than a Big Daddy.

I do plan to post this on my Wish List for the swap, but thought I'd put this out to the Universe and other gardeners, just in case.

Thanks for thinking of me!


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thistle5(z7 VA)


If I could find some decently priced hellebores, I'll be sure to get you some. I have an under the maple, tiny-2' deep, raised bed. I have pachsandra procumbens (replaced after my DH 'weeded' them last fall), pansies planted last October -that look better now than when I planted them-normally I choose blue plants, these are autumn shades-I wish I could remember what they are, because they're beautiful. And finally, the king of the tiny maple bed is an 'Ivory Prince' hellebore-covered w/ flowers, has been blooming since January-when I win the lottery, I'll buy a dozen more....unfortunately, they're selling at my local nursery for $30. I do have a number of other hellebores that are almost as nice that were $15 or less...

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Christine, I'm not sure which hosta I have but you're welcome to some if you want - I will be potting up a bunch this week for friends, family, neighbors, and the swap. It has green/cream variegated leaves and purple flowers. If that's not the one you're looking for, no problem, but I thought I'd let you know.

Lynne in Bowie
zachsmom at iname dot com

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I can bring lots of hellebore seedlings to you at the swap Christine. They're two years old but have been living under the shade of the mother plants so are quite small. 3" or less. Let me know how many you want. I'll just put them in big pots in bunchs of 5 or 6 and you'd then need to plant them right away in decent soil, or pot them up individually for a year until they're established. These are H.hybridis, sometimes still referred to (incorrectly) as H.Orientalis.

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Christine - I was able to buy inexpensive hellebores at the William Paca garden sale a couple years ago. This is a wonderful place to buy plants of all varieties. They divide the plants into shade vs sun, and then have them places alphabetically. In the past, you could buy a booklet in advance with a list of the plants that will be sold.

It is held Mother's Day weekend, which this year is May 12-13. It opens on Saurday at 10 AM and there is usually a waiting line to get in. It gets really crowded.

The William Paca House is located at 186 Prince George St., Annapolis, but the garden is accessed through 1 Martin Street. Parking is on-street and limited. It is easiest if you pay cash and have small bills.

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lynnt(Z7 MD)

Christine, I just moved those two big hostas of mine out of the sun in my oval front bed, and pulled a big chunk off the Sum and Substance by the door if you want some.

I also have babies of both H. orientalis and H. foetidissimus if you'd like; same circumstances as Cynthia's. Those from the back yard have been selected for pale petals, those from the front yard are darker and may be freckled.

I'd trade them all for a yoga session to get my tailbone back into the joint; "American in Paris" isn't doing it, and it's gardening season...


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avoirgold(z7 MD)


I will give you my last "extra" piece of patriot for a variety pack of heuchera and/or a black knight buddleia sucker.


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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

Oh, my Goodness! As always, you're amazing.

Let's see:

Lynn(inmd), since we're so close, I'd love to take you up on that green and white. I'll also come and try to ID that bush you have, although bushes aren't my forte. :) I'll email you. I find I'm kind of focusing on the gold to chartruese colors, although the others I mentioned I loved before they became vole smorgasboard.

Cynthia, amazing. Since I'm going for the gold and never expected such assistance, here's what I'd love in my dream maple beds: 5 around one tree, 7 around the other. I realize this is huge, so whatever you can share with me while still sharing with some of the others? In the front, I have one orientalis, so upon LynnT's advice, I'm kind of trying to stick with that. She says if I added the purple, cross-pollination would homogenize their colors.

Graywings! I've heard of this legendary sale but have never made it. That's the day of Vlad's memorial, so I'll have to pass. However, I'm going to order the booklet. :) Thanks for the thought!

Where to start? I owe you a million phone calls, and huge congratulations on your certification. I also have a little plant for you from Susan's dig. Life has been nutty and challenging, along with web/email host issues, and phone crap. Yes, I'd love the Sum and Substance. I have the dark purple in back and the lovely creamy, greenish color in front. One of the seedlings you gave me last year has taken, and the other we'll see soon. :) I'm going to bring you a tiny Tiarella 'Crow Feather' division, which I think you'll find lovely and perfect for your shady back yard.

Jen, that's quite a trade you're looking for! [LOL].
However, I divided many of my heuchera and tiarella last fall and it looks like most of them are coming back. I could give you an entire 'Purple Palace' if you'd like, but can definately bring you a couple divisions of stuff. The buddleia plants I moved last fall, so I'm watching them closely, but I think the cuttings would be a go.

So all of you? Thank you. I'll drop everyone an email.


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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

Cynthia - you don't seem to have emailed enabled through your profile, so let me know if you'd like me to come to you or if the swap would be a good place for trading. I can do either and look forward to the little babies.
I love your member page with your beautiful children. I have a gray kitty who could be yours, they look so much alike! Happy pets indicate good people, says my vet. I think so, too.


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