acer freemani autumn blaze

frans_mapleAugust 4, 2009

hi all, i have 2 questions in regards to a two year old autumn blaze in my back yard. 1. how thick is it going to be once matured? why? i'm planning to build a floating deck around it and need to know how big the opening should be. 2. i would like it to have an umbrella shape instead of slim and tall. also the first branches to be about 6.5' from the ground. any ideas as to how and when it should be pruned would be appreciated. thanks so much!!

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I'd allow at least a 3' diameter around the trunk. Obviously, it will take many years before the tree fills this space but this allows for a margin of error, avoids damage to the trunk while the tree is still so young and prevents the need to alter the deck opening later. And the tree is still able to receive natural rainfall more easily to the roots as well as allowing for proper watering.

The umbrella shape will develop with time. Lower branches should be left in place for 3-5 years before removal or once they reach a 1" diameter. These actually help the trunk develop properly.

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At least three feet will be good. My dad has a silver maple (from which your cultivar is gleaned) with a wrap around porch around it. The maple is over 40 years old and beautiful. The wrap around porch is great. I would go 3 to 4 feet for the tree depending on how long you think the porch wil be there. If it is made of wood that will rot away in 20 years, you could go with 3 feet or so. Trex, I'd give it closer to 4. Either way, you'll love it.

BTW, I ask him and my step mom all the time how many problems they have with branch loss falling on the deck. None at all is their response every time. Either that is one abnormally strong silver maple, or being up against a two-story house helps protect it from damaging wind.

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