Coral Bark Japanese Maple Growing Large Leaves

dabramovAugust 9, 2010


I have a coral bark (sango kaku) Japanese maple which I quite like. It was planted last spring and has generally appeared quite healthy up until now. I've noticed that ~ 3 branch have changed over to producing large green leaves. The leaves are green, with maybe a bit of yellow splotchiness. They are missing the characteristic red outline of smaller more delicate leaves on the rest of the tree.

I read some other posts about branches growing from below a graft line, but these are literally changing over mid-branch.

I'll also mention that I've also seen some "scorch" (I think) from the recent heat/dryness in the north east.

Please help,



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Many of my Japanese maples have put out a branch of "juvenile" foliage occasionally. I believe it happens when a young tree is given plenty of fertilizer. I don't think it's anything to worry about, but an expert may wish to add to this. Tom

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I have 2 coral barks that do the same thing. Very odd. I rarely if ever have fertilized them. Yes, please...any experts out there on this one?

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junco East Georgia zone 8a(zone 8a)

I'm not an expert but I have a coral bark maple that has done the same thing. The first time, I cut the branches out, thinking it had to be a problem. Then I saw an episode of an Erica Glasner "Gardener's Diary" on HGTV where she visited someone with many Japanese maples. As they walked through the garden he pointed out a maple that had branches with the same larger leaves and said that the next year they would be the proper size. So, the next time it happened, I left them and sure enough, the next spring those branches had the proper sized leaves. I don't recal the variety of maple that was on the show. I have around 15 Japanese maples and the coral bark is the only one that has done this.

Hope this helps.

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Now that you mentioned it, that is what happened to my coral bark last year as well. I guess when they shoot new branches, the leaves are large the first year and then fall back into normal size the next year. Just a guess based on personal observation.

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No expert either but I've seen this also on some of my varieties. It happens on aggresive new growth. My Umegae puts out large leaves in the fall growth spurt (normally has pretty small leaves). On small leaved cultivars, the smallest leaves are usually found on old wood. All normal.

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