Deer Resistant Perennials

betha4aMarch 6, 2008

I've just moved into this house, and I've seen lots of deer in our yard (we back up to woods). I would love suggestions on sun and shade loving perennials. Thanks, Beth

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zenpotter(z4 MN)

Here is a good article with lists.

Here is a link that might be useful: deer resistand plants

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Beth- I don't know if you have had any luck keeping the deer away, but I have a suggestion. Milorganite. I get a big bag at the garden center for under $10 and pour about a half cup on the most deer-popular plants (I have lots of hostas). It is also a good fertilizer and lasts pretty much all summer.

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In my experience Milorganite only works for awhile. Once the deer get acclimated to the smell, it no longer works. The best solution for me has been Liquid Fence. I experienced so many frustrations of deer eating everything until I started using this product. Now I spray my plants once every 2 weeks or so in the spring and then once a month after that and the deer stay away. It's been great.

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Congratulations on your new home. I am new to this website and this is my first post. Anyhoo, I also have deer issues. the only place I can garden is in a fenced area in front. In the non-fenced areas: The deer will not touch rhubarb, which even if you do not like to eat it, does have pretty leaves. They also do not touch peonies. I had 3 large peony bushes in back and they did not bother those. I now have 11 bushes in front and none of the blooms (they actually bloomed the first year :) have been touched). They usually do not touch daylilies, except for the buds, which I just noticed to day they munched off about 3/4 of the new buds. i have also had luck with irises. Most of the "tricks" do not work with the deer I have, probably because they are city deer, so they are not as picky with what they eat. But these plants have held strong against the deer invasion(or human invasion depending on how you look at it. Oh, coneflowers are very deer-resistant also. Best of luck to you.

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