Nannyberry Viburnum for full shade?

thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)March 22, 2010

Along my property line at the back of my perennial garden, I have an area that I'd like to screen from my neighbors. It's about 10-15' and barely gets an hour of sun per day as it is understory some silver maples and two hideous box elders.

Will Nannyberry do ok there or will they not grow much?

I have sandy soil, but this area is on my irrigation system, so they'll get watered every other day during the growing season.

I understand that they do fruit, which is fine, so long as the berries don't attract any more tree rats (squirrels). Birds, I can deal with.

I know I'll be able to pick up a few of this shrub for a good price in a spring sale. Will I get much of a screen with them in say, 3 years' time? Or should I skip them? I've had goatsbeard in that spot for a few years now and I don't think they've grown in height.

Your opinions please?

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We have some Nannyberries growing in similar shade conditions. They grow a bit slower and thinner than those planted from the same batch exposed to more sunlight. Otherwise they are healthy and started producing berries their 3nd year. We also planted highbush cranberries and juneberries at the same time. The highbush seem to be doing much better in the shade and produce a nice dense screen. The juneberries less so.

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