Acer x freemanii- growth rate, etc?

dirtslinger2(6)August 14, 2007

Being a hybrid of rubrum and saccharinum, does this tree grow as fast as saccharinum?

I am having no luck finding pure saccharimum for 'instant' shade on the farm (while I wait for stronger trees to grow) and the closest I can find is x freemanii.

Any freemanii CV's known to grow the most rapid?

Any tips on this tree would be appreciated!

Is the wood relatively strong (compared to sacc) and is it as wet-feet tolerant as well?


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Jacobson 'North American Landscape Trees' says:
"Only clones are sold."

"offered in quantity by 1955-56 - Records: 71' x 4'4" x 21' and 69' x 5'0" x 25' Tacoma, WA (1990). Fall color erradic. Broadley columnar female (will produce seeds)
'Armstrong Two' TM 'has the tough dark foliage of the northern strain of A. rubrum, that colored beautiful orange-red in fall'. Tighter form (so I'd guess it is slower).
'Autumn Blaze' R PP 4864 (Acer rubrum x SILVER MAPLE) This tree forms a dense, broad oval. Leaf deeply lobed, turning brilliant, long-lasting orange-red in fall.
'Autumn Fantasy' R PP 7655 Of oval shape and upright branching. Leaf deeply lobed, turning red or crimson in fall.
'Celebration' R PP 7279 (1990) compact
'Celzam' same as 'Celebration'
'DTR 102' same as 'Autumn Fantasy'
'Indian Magic' same as 'Morgan'
'Jeffersred' same as 'Autumn Blaze'
'Lee's Red' "Brilliant red fall color."
'Marmo' Seedless (75' tall x 35' wide') Fall color: "deep blood-red mottled with some yellow and green. Leaves deeply lobed.
= A x Freemannii 'Indian Summer'
= A rubrum 'Indian Summer'
=A.rubrum 'Morgan'
?= A. rubrum 'Embers
female (produces seeds). Tree very fast and vigorous, of open habit, becoming broad as well as tall. Leaves large, deeply lobed; with consistent brilliant red and purple, red, scarlet, or pale orange fall color.
'Scarlet Beauty' TM no information.
''Scarlet Sentinel' TM PP 3109
=A. freemannii 'Scarsen'
=A. rubrum 'Scarlet Sentinel'
=A. rubrum 'Scarsen' Fall color inconsistent: varies from poor yellow-green, to good gold, to bright red. Male clone (seedless). Vigorous extended growing season. Leaves large. Broadly columnar to at least 40' tall.

With the Acer rubrum in the gene pool, I'd think it would tolerate water well. Any quick web-search should yield this information though.


Jacobson, Arthur Lee ÂNorth American Landscape Trees (1996); Ten Speed Press. ISBN:0898158133

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Thanks for the CV list, my books don't list this hybrid, very helpful.

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More concerned with growth rates you can expect at least 1 foot a year even for the slower growing cultivars. Most of them tend to grow between 2 and 3 feet per year with good culture from my experience in South Carolina (although I've only closely watched "autumn blaze" aka 'jeffersred' and it has put on around 2 and a half feet per year for me). So I guess not quite as fast as a straight silver, but with supposedly stronger wood and definetely less narrow crotch growth. These are pretty good trees and I would recommend them over a normal silver.

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who wouldn't?! lol - maybe not!!!


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