Maple Tree Disease - Need Help

nyctricAugust 12, 2013

Can someone help me identify what kind of disease that my maple tree have?

I need help to save it. It's a young crimson prince jm.

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same tree - more pic of the leave dying...

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Whatever is going on is not a disease, it is a cultural issue - insufficient or too much water, fertilization, drainage/soil condition, etc. If you can elaborate on how you address these issues, perhaps we can be more helpful in our recommendations.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

.... agree with Pam - a cultural issue. Likely over-watering due to excessive water-retention and irrigating too frequently. How have you been fertilizing, and with what? There really isn't enough info to offer specific advice, but sinking your container at least half-way into the soil in a semi-shady spot and watering/fertilizing regularly would probably be a good strategy while you figure out how you can manage to provide a soil that allows you to water at will w/o having to worry about root rot or suppression of root function due to excessive water retention (at repotting time next spring). Once you get your plants in an appropriate soil and start a good fertilizer program, everything gets easier.

Keep in mind that if you're going to maintain your trees in containers over the long term, tight roots ARE going to limit your plant unless you learn how to deal with the issue on a regular basis. Potting up doesn't/can't provide a solution to tight roots; it only slightly eases the limitation imposed by the condition.

Something for you to read, if you like.


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Thanks you for the helps!. I am a newbie with gardening and learning. I got the this container potted maple tree and re-potted to a bigger container. I use high acidity soil as the person suggested from the store. and I put in Osmocote smart release fertilizer at the same time. I have been watering 4 times a week since i have read tree need more water with fertilizer. It's more and likely just like you said i could be watering too much. the drainage is good for the soil. I am seeing new growth now however the some new leaves are starting to shrink just like the one in my pictures. I will take your advice and back off a bit from watering and carefully watch how the plant doing. thx for the suggestion again. Oh and also I cut all the leafs that are shinked and died.

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Hi garden lovers! My name is Kurada .

I have two questions.

1 - Two weeks ago I porcused a red maple tree . And I live in Houston , TX. During the Summer Houston is very hot . Is it good to grove red maple tree in Houston? If it is not is there any thing I can do?

2- how often I need to water this tree?
How often in Summer and rest of the year?

God bless and thank you.


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