Watcha Growin' ? (Veggies/Herbs/Fruit)

lots2learnApril 3, 2007

What veggies/herbs/fruit are you growing this year?

Do you have a plot or grow only in containers?

Do you grow Heirlooms? Organically?

Grow anything unusual?


(who hopes you don't mind her starting this thread here since the conversations thread doesn't appear to be used.)

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Nothing much unusual here as compared to the last place. Still adjusting to the shade with the move to the new house. We have a pear that has 10 obscure summer varieties I grafted and moved from the last place and we put in a 9' trellis with 5 other summer apples and another pear and about 30 bluberry plants this Spring (the trend in summer fruit is that I don't have to keep the squirrels at bay as long as with fall fruit).

My wife has to decide if she wants all the shade or some veggies before she gets her tomatoes. I might pot a couple for her in the interim.

The good thing is that the new place has about 3' of the best topsoil I've seen in a while (we're on top of a hill near the mouth of the S. River).

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Wow, That's deifinitely a lot for me...someday when I get a place with a lot of land maybe. :-)

I love blueberries but have never thought to plant them myself...silly huh?

Good luck and thanks for sharing. :-)


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We only have a 12,000 ft2 lot, the Apples form an espalier fence and the bluberries are in two main spots. The rabbit eye I am experimentin with (may be too cold here) form another hedge. The northern highbush are planted at the foot of the tall shade trees and interplanted with Hosta, liriope, pachysandra, and climbing hydrangea.

At the last place we had an even smaller lot and had 20+ types of fruit (40 varieties) on .20 acre in the city.

Dan Finch (online nursery) sells blueberries reasonably ($50 for 12, 3 yr plants).

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avoirgold(z7 MD)

We have about.3 acre in Columbia, and plan to grow tomatoes x 5-6, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and maybe peppers. I really want to get some thornless blackberry and lowbush blueberry. The lowbush can serve as front of the border plants. They have nice flowers in the spring, the blueberries of course, and are supposed to have a nice mounding habit. Oh, I also have strawberries.

A lot of these things don't take up any room at all.


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