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jo1608August 7, 2013

A friend of mine has a maple that she refer's to as a "Half Moon" Maple. Unfortunately she does not have the plant tag and I have not seen it in leaf to be able to identify it. All my searching can only bring up the various "Full Moon" maples.

Is there such a thing as a "half moon" maple?

Many thanks.

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No, no 'half moon' maples :-) But both Acer shirasawanum and japonicum are referred to as full moon maples because of their large, almost orbicular foliage (i.e, the full moons). You can sometimes see them referred to - incorrectly - as half moon maples but there is no basis for this common name as there is with the full moon (the large, moon-shaped foliage).

As is always the case with common names, they tend to be inaccurate or change from location to location. And often apply to more than one type of plant (as above - two separate species of maple!) It is always preferable to refer to plants by their proper botanical name. That way everyone knows what you're talking about!!

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