Acer Platanoides Norway Maple

renny07August 29, 2007


We've recently just planted an Acer Platanoides Red Leafed Norway Maple in our garden.

I went to water it the other day and give a look over when i noticed that quite a few of the leaves had holes in them and have been eaten.

At first i thought it could be slugs as we have a lot of them around these parts - then i had another look today and noticed a lot of green mites.I'm not sure what they are,whether they are greenfly or not ?

Does anybody have any ideas of what they are and how to get rid of them please,they're making a right mess of our lovely tree !

Many thanks

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Not much we can do without pictures. There are too many leaf pests to determine for sure, but if it is a common insect I would not use a systemic product as they have been known to damage maples. Insecticidal oils and soaps are not as effective, but less risky to the tree as long as the temperature is below 90 F.

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