Japanese beetles on maples

katskan41August 1, 2009

Hi all. We have a Japanese maple and a Crimson King Maple, both of which are being swarmed by Japanese beetles. The beetles don't seem very interested on our other (green) maples or conifers, but they sure love to eat the leaves of these two maples, both of which have dark red/burgundy-colored leaves.

I've sprayed insecticide on the trees and it DOES kill the beetles on the tree at the time of spraying, but the next day both are covered again with new beetles.

The Japanese maple is easy to spray as it's only about 5 feet tall, but the Crimson King is about 12 feet tall so I can just barely reach the top of it with a hand sprayer.

So what's our best bet for getting rid of the beetles? Is there anything I can spray on the trees that will repel or prevent the beetles from shredding the maple leaves?



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I use Bayer Systemic. You can get it at Lowes. It kills them and has the added benefit of absorbing into the plant and protecting it for a month or so.

The best treatment for japanese beetles is Milky Spore disease. You can buy it on-line. Apply to the lawn as directed and it kills the grubs for up to 10 years. Totally natural too.


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