heirloom tomatoes in Baltimore

aepete(7 Baltimore)April 19, 2005

Last year one of the posters here mentioned that she was selling heirloom tomato seedlings at the flea market on York Road in Lutherville. (Sunday mornings?) I remember that she said she had an amazing number of varieties. Does anyone know if she's going to be there this year?


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Laurel7286(3b Wyoming)

Don't know, but there will be plenty at the swap, including mine. Check out the swap page on Exchanges.

If you can't make it, email me & we'll see what we can work out!


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I don't know if she'll be there. Her name is Connie--email me if you'd like her phone number. I'll also be bringing a bunch to the swap.

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I hope to have some for the swap, too - although my germination rate has been lower than usual this year.

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rad_win(z7 Md Baltimore)

I don't know If I will be able to make it to the swap, my wife"s birthday is that weekend, though she likes the garden and the vegies it may seem to much like "my birthday" to go.

I tried starting seeds for the first time this year, with mixed success so far. Does anyone in the Baltimore area have any Black Cherry or Sungold tomato seedlings they would trade for Manyel, Nepal, or Super Souix.
Thanks Rob

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reginak(z7 Maryland)

Rob, I'm not in Baltimore (I'm in Riverdale Park, PG County), but I do have Black Cherry and Sungold seedlings, and I'd be willing to trade for any of those three. I will be taking a couple weeks of vacation starting Tuesday 5/6 (to break ground for my new garden). Maybe I could take a little drive over B-more way and we could make the trade. If you're particularly interested in small-fruited varieties, I've also got 1 or 2 each extra Green Grape, Isis Candy, and Sara's Galapagos (currant-type).

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reginak(z7 Maryland)

I should say - e-mail me if you do want to swap. I have a huge crunch project to do over the next week and am going to really try to resist the GardenWeb distraction..... so I won't see if you post here.


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aepete(7 Baltimore)

Thanks for all of the replies... it sounds like there will be an abundance of heirlooms at the swap! You're all so generous! I'm not going to be able make it to the swap, but it sounds like Michelle is going to let me pilfer a few of her extras.

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I was at Grier Nursery this morning, they had a section for heirloom tomatoes. They were in 4" pots and sold for $1.67.
I bought Brandywine Yellow, Brandywine Purple, Abraham Lincoln, Sugar Lump and Giant Belgium. They had several others. Inside g/h they also had larger sizes in one gallon pots full of blooms. They are in Harford County 40 miles north of Baltimore. (410) 893-2319

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