asking price for garlic?

sandy0225(z5 Indiana)July 6, 2010

Are any of you selling garlic, and if so what do you get for a pound of it? We put out 10 lbs or so of seed garlic last fall and now have about 50 lbs or so of nice garlic.

I think there is one more person at the market that sells garlic, should I just ask her what hers costs?

I have inchelium red, german white and elephant garlic.

Do you all charge differently for the elephant garlic than for the hardneck regular garlics?

Thanks for any pricing suggestions you might have.

I was thinking about putting together bunches of about 1/4 lb and selling it for $2.50, or bunches of 1/8 lb for $1.50.

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Sandy, I would ask your fellow vendor. Tell her that you have some and you don't want to under-cut her prices. I'll try to remember to check the prices in my market.

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I sell by the piece and get 50¢ for small garlic, $1 for larger sizes and this year have huge music and German white which will go for $1.50 if we sell any as most of the largest will be kept back for seed.

I find most people only want a corm or two as they think it will go bad despite my assuring them our garlic will last well into late winter.

I do 5 types-Samarskand, Shivlisi, German White, Music and Purple Glazer.

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We charge $8 / lb - which is $1 for a nice size head, $2-2.50 for our largest. Elephant garlic is the same - so the big bulbs are about $4-5 each. We have 10 varieties, and keep them separate. Most people try 2-4 types. I think having the different varieties to choose from helps us move more garlic than those that just sell 'garlic'. I can't tell you how many times a day I hear "I never knew there were so many types of garlic!"

Good Luck!

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bucks(9 Arizona)

I sell to three organic coops and get $5.00 per pound. I know that I can get a lot more if I take it to market, but who wants to sit around all day when I can make three deliveries and get paid right on the spot and I am done with it. I try to check out the grocery store prices and take it above where they are at.

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I had garlic at the market today. There were other vendors selling it for $6/lb (they are cert organic, i am not certified). I thought that was not enough so I marked mine for $8/lb. I had one customer for it and after I told him the price I sent him over to the other vendor.
I guess I'll sell mine when everyone else runs out.

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Randy, that's my strategy on things like storage onions, garlic, etc. Most of the other farmers pick early and try to sell out before fall. Since I market year round I like to have things like Onions and garlic when the snow flies. And since they store generally through May i have stuff to sell in witnter when other do not and i get the price i ask with few complaints and lots of sales.

Bucks I guess I am a person who likes going to market to sell (and I never ever sit as if you are sittin' you ain't sellin') I guess I like the social aspect (I see a lot of freinds at market whom I don't see much otherwise due to my work load) and I like making 2x to 3x more over wholesaling. But not everyone is cut out for sales and marketing.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I find garlic to be a tough sell. Here it goes for $1 each. I can't sell my biggest bulbs because those go to replanting. I eat the small and the medium are sold. Anyway people don't realize how much it will cost the farmer to buy more garlic to plant. It costs me $1.85 plus shipping for each planting bulb so it makes no sense to sell my large garlic.
Good news is you have from July to October to sell it at least, plus the scapesand greens brought in some money earlier. I am hoping some garlic braids will sell better than bulbs alone.
BTW I just joined. I was looking for a market forum not just a gardening forum. Cheers!

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

I know isn't it funny? I had lots of customers saying "look at the baby garlic" because you can't sell the big ones--I just replanted all my large ones and don't have hardly any left to sell, so I guess price won't be an issue for me for winter market. I have approx 40 heads left and they're all small.
I did check with another vendor there, she was selling larger ones for $1, then after all the big ones were picked out of the basket, selling 2/$1, and going down like that as the largest ones were picked out. So thats what I ended up doing too.
I didn't have many super jumbo ones this year, so I'm going to put down more horse manure in the garden.

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i ask the daily price of garlic

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