Sorrel and other salad mix questions

2ajsmamaJuly 3, 2013

Just picked greens - I plan on mixing red and green looseleaf lettuce and selling by the gallon like I did last year, and then quarts of the specialty greens. I have some maruba santoh (mild like baby bok choy), lots of tatsoi (dark green) but that's it for mild, for spicy I have lots of arugula and Green Wave mustard - only picked small leaves, as thinking doing separate quarts mild and spicy. Don't know about selling mustard greens (bigger ones) by themselves? Also a lot of kale - mix the baby leaves in the quarts or just sell bunches of the bigger leaves (practically whole heads were going for $3 last week at different market, though wholesale price list from state has it going $1/stem)?

I have lots of green and red sorrel - a lemony flavor. Mix that in with the mild or sell separately? By the stem/sprig (like tarragon and oregano)? Or big bunches like spinach?

Not buying Burpee seeds anymore - certainly not lettuce. Going to try transplants later in the season, just wanted to get these picked before they bolted in 90-degree heat this weekend. Still have lots of Red Salad Bowl but dense sowing didn't work out - heads are tiny, I basically just thinned today but will have to pull it out before zukes overrun it (or it bolts, whichever comes first).

I also have 15 French Breakfast radishes (on the small side though seeded 5 weeks ago, I picked all that had started to bulb up). Sell those separately (25 cents each, 5 for $1?) or put 1-2 in each quart with "spicy" greens?

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Sold 1 gal of salad mix - and I mixed the arugula, etc. in with it, so didn't sell quarts separately. I did get $3 for that gallon, but I had spent $8 on green lettuce to round out my greens (for some reason only Red Salad Bowl and arugula was coming up from the packet I sowed - twice). Sold all my radishes for 25 cents each but it seems all anyone wanted today was Blackberry Preserves - and a couple jars of strawberry jam.

Didn't seem to have as many vendors today, entertainment never showed up (though they did get a sub about halfway through, played recorded music til then, weird playlist, Rolling Stones and Bing Crosby). Hard to tell, but most customers were just picking up CSA shares from 1 farm, poking around the others. Not as many as I would have expected day before holiday. Italian ice guy did a good business near 90 and muggy. At least it didn't rain.

I don't think I'll go again (paying by the week) until I have lots of summer veggies, but wonder if the other farms (2 certified organic, 1 like me no spray - the guy who sells maple syrup plus veggies - and 1 conventional) have a lock on the veggie market at this location?

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The week of the 4th of July is always very slow at the market I sell at. It is one of the most popular weeks for people to be away on vacation.

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I sell sorrel on its own, since its customers are specifically looking for it, while others don't care for it.

Radishes - I sell by the quarter lb or half lb.

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Too late - I pulled all the sorrel (unless I missed some around the fence) when I transplanted and mulched squash. I sold all the radishes that were ready last week and DH ate the rest the other night. Going to have to pull the arugula too since it's bolting and I want more room for zukes.

I guess someone had tomatoes last week (I don't know who), it was mentioned in this week's blog post by the market master. Beets too. I probably won't have tomatoes til Sept at this rate (my "earlies" aren't setting except for 2 Latah). Cukes and squash are coming along, don't know if I can go with just those (and maybe some oregano & dill, basil is too small to cut next week) if I have them. Wild raspberries are crumbly, time to make jam but I don't know how much to charge - more than for strawberry since they're so hard to pick, takes so long to get 1 lb. Not enough cultivated RB and they got sunscald. Might have some blueberries if I can get them b4 the birds do. Beans are just starting to flower, not sure when those will be ready.

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