Is it collecting or OCD?

cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)August 4, 2005

So many people have emailed me to ask me to post my list of JMs (from the "how much did you spend" thread) that I thought I'd just start a new thread.

I began collecting in November. I am waiting with great interest to see what things do in the fall. I am addicted to the color red and have just started an orange garden.

Unless noted, my trees all came from the eBay vendors I mentioned in the other thread. I'm very happy with them, their size, packaging, health, etc. I have nothing but time, so watching them grow and shaping them myself is part of the pleasure. The least expensive is $9.99, then the most I spent on eBay is for the Shindiso 3 year graft at $31.90. I'm averaging around $17.00 a tree, including averaging the shipping.

Any feedback on these varieties would be welcome. I get NO shade, NO rain and it's weeks of 90 degree+ heat. I learn from your experiences! :)

'Aconitifolium' Maiku Jaku

Aka Shigitatsu sawa


Asahi Zuru

Atrolineare (Gorgeous gold leaves with burgundy stems!)


Autumn Moon

Azuma murasaki


Beni kawa

Beni komachi

Bloodgood (Local nursery, 6' tall, $79.00)

Burgundy Lace

Boskoop Glory


Chantilly Lace

Emperor One



Geisha (Local nursery; pink leaves! $39.00)

Green Cascade

Green Mist

Higasi yama


Japanese Sunset

Karasu gawa


Koto Muru





O Taki


Ogon Sarasa





Orange Dream

Oregon Sunset

Oshio beni


Peaches & Cream



Red Dragon

Red Emperor

Sagara nishiki


Sekka Yatsubusa



Shin Deshojo

Skeeter's Broom


Tomaya Nishiki


Tsukushi Gata


Verdis (Local nursery, $59.00)


Wilson's Pink Dwarf

Winter Flame

Yama Hime


What'choo got?


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Christine-definately OCD. Collecting is just a "friendlier" name for it. Your progression of maples in less than a year is astounding.Typically one first gets 3-5 maples the first year,10-15 the 2nd year, 25-50 the 3rd year, 50-75 the 4th year, over 100 by the 5th year.You are well on your way to Acerholism.May I suggest a few: acer mono/pictum Hoshi yadori and Usugumo.For acer palmatum: mikawa yatsubusa, utsu semi, ryuzu, momenshide,emerald lace[very vigorous], beni kumo-no-su[vigorous],green trompenburg. For acer buergerianum:goshiki kaede, mino yatsubusa, and tancho. Acer conspicuum "Phoenix".Acer japonicum "Lovett" and "Itaya". You have an excellent start....
also, check out koto ito komachi...

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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

Ok. I'm a Collector. I've never been considered typical in anything I do, nor mediocre, nor (frankly) boring. [lol] Since I never do something 1/2 way, why wait to get my gloms on the trees that spark my interest if they're there at any given moment? Or, IOW: indulge my need for instant gratification?

It was unkind of you to offer me more varieties I might like. I'm trying to slow down, if not stop. (I know, everyone has to pretend to display control!) I'll look them up and see if their coloration fits into my need for red or orange/copper/bronze/burgundy. I think I'm doomed.


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PoorOwner(Northern CA)

The only way to stop an addiction is if you run out of space, money, or find a new addiction :)

Japanese maples actually made me interested in trees in general. Where as before my affection with maples developed I never paid attention to trees at all.

Since you have so many cultivars already you might want to learn as much as possible about JMs in general so you can take care of them if there are some problems with pests or enviromental changes. You will probably find that some maples appreciate some shade and has less heat tolerances because they have thinner leaves.

Good luck... I would list what I have but it would not be impressive as it is pretty much a subset of yours.

By the way you do not have a Seiryu, and I would recommend this one and so will alot of people here. It is one amazing cultivar in terms of vigor and color.

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nobreyner(z9 Houston)

The two trees I "had to have" is the Peaches and Cream and an Orange Dream. I (as of yesterday) have a P&C and am currently looking for an Orange Dream. What do you think of yours? And any suggestions on where I can get one on the Internet?

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I consider it a little bit of both. Just got into Japanese Maples this July and it's quickly becoming an obsession. Here's what I'm playing with:

Bloodgood 38" 15g
Bloodgood 8' (had to get a second because of branch structure) 15g
Emperor 1 24" 1g
Emperor 1 5" 5g (branches resemble a brush stroke)
Oshio Beni 24" 2g
Coral bark 6' 7g
Lion's Mane 5' 7g

Inaba Shidare 36" 15g
Vridis 42" 7g
Ever Red 24" 2g

They are rather expensive out here (Los Angeles) but I was able to get a lot of them on sale. They have run between $25-$125 after negotiations and discounts.

Looking forward to seeing them grow next year.

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Sorry didn't realize how old this post was...

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No apology necessary...this is a "problem" a lot of us share.
Me, I bought only 2 dwarf varieties this year. I have run out of room.
Since this is the time of year for the payoff (leaves turning color) we can all see how our vision and plans are working out for these trees.
I think in total I have 30 something JMs. And I done lost a lot of the tags that identify them. I just enjoy them whatever variety they might be. So far, however I do know that a Crimson Queen, a Garnet, and my Okigumo have burst into flames (well, the Okigumo is understated but still very colorful).

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

If a post is still up, it's up for additional commentary.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

If you need shade for sensitive maples, I recommend shantung maple. Yellow is the typical fall color but you may be able to order one with red fall color called 'Fire Dragon' from Metro Maples during the dormant season. It's basically tough version of Japanese maple for a lot of sun and hot weather over here in Texas. Trident maple is a nice one to have. paperbark maple is very nice as well. I can't even grow JMs in the ground at my house because of no shade at all and the ground is all rocks. (yes my shantung maple grows in rocks and seems to do fine).

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mjsee(Zone 7b, NC)

These are mine:

"Yuri Hime"
"Green Hornet"
"Crimson Queen"
Aconitifolium "Full Moon"

Fall color on the Full Moon is gorgeous this year...
From fall color

the other's haven't reached their full potential yet.

There are many more I covet...but I've got a kid in college right now.

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Your trees will definately benefit from some shade, especially the verigates.

I visited the garden of a collector and he had planted common Palmatums to use as a canopy for his collection. The dappeled shade created by the 'ordinary' JM's created a perfect enviroment for his collection.

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picea(6A Cinci- Oh)

A few classics you may want to add to your collection are: Acer palmatum Filigree, Red filigree lace, Shishigashira and Koto No Ito. Acer japonicum Green Cascade is one of my favorites. For fall color you can't beat Acer Shirasawanum Oyureyama.

Some of your variegated cultivars like 'Toyama Nishiki' and 'Geisha' will need protection from direct afternoon sun.


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