(scales) selling by the pound

pitterpat_2009July 17, 2014

Can anyone recommend a brand of digital scale to buy for selling beans and tomatoes mostly heirloom by the pound.
I have been selling by quarts but find some only want 2 to 3 tomatoes, heirlooms I have been selling by the size.
I have a digital scale that totals dollar amount but can't read it at all out side at farmers market.
Any suggestions as to a good readable outside digital scale would be greatly appreciated.

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You may want to check with your state Department of Weights and Measures before you buy a scale. Here in Maryland, I have to pay $50 a year to use a scale at the market, which is a total ripoff so I'm trying to phase it out. I spoke to Weights and Measures before purchasing a scale and was told that if I bought a scale that was listed as Legal for Trade, they could certify me over the phone, and that an inspector would later visit me at the market to test the scale.

So that's what I did, I bought the Easy Weigh CK-30, which I like. I mostly use it to weigh things out and put them in pint/quart containers or bag them up by the pound, because people at my market don't like using the scale and buying in bulk. I'm not sure that I can completely do away with the scale, but I'm trying.

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i've got a tor-rey price computing scale that i bought from southwest scales online. it has held up well for 3 or 4 years now. its capacity is 40 lbs. not easy to see the numbers if the sun is shining directly on it. the tray is a little small. but it passed inspection and does the job.

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We use the CK30 as well and so far, it has worked well at our farm stand.

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I bought an Easy-Weigh PX-6 on eBay, it's worked well but battery went dead b/c I didn't disconnect it over winter even though scale wasn't on. I bought 2 replacement batteries from Battery Shark(s?) and plan on charging both so I can swap out at market if one runs down (it's happened before). Capacity is only 6 lbs but that's enough for market - unless my personal sized melons get bigger than I expect but I plan on just selling those by each.

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thanks randy for the computing model you suggest, I will google and do some research on the ck-30 as well

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I use the Tor Rey scale also and would recommend it. Easy to use and the price computing is a great feature. It's also certifiable and right on the money with weigh.

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