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mbrown297(6b)July 24, 2004

For the past month or so I have been selling basil, about six pounds a week, to an upscale restaurant near my home for $8/lb. I got that price from a post I saw some time ago. I would like to know what others charge for basil at restaurants. I asked a health food store nearby and they offered $5/lb. There aren't any farmers markets nearby so my only choice right now is to sell to stores or restaurants.

Thanks all for your help.


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brian_kc0kfg(z4 MN)

Are there any other growers in the area?
I ask for 2 resons 1.If you are "THE" grower in your area you can charge what you want they will pay .
2.If there are other growers of anything why dont you look at starting a market I think it would benfit all of you and your town.

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gponder(7/South OR)

Look under the "Keeping Basil Fresh" post for some info on pricing. I am certified organic and get $18.00 a pound for perfect leaves, washed and bagged. $5.00 a lb seems awfully low.
Good Luck.

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Does anyone sell pesto? If so what kind of price do you get? Also,is it frozen or can you process it?

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GP - Is $18/lb the price you get retail at the market? I am charging $8/lb to a restaurant. I pick it and deliver it as is in a bushel basket. The $5/lb price was quoted from a health food store by the pound. However, at the same time I am selling them bags of basil (about 2-3 cups worth) with a recipe for $1.25 each.

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garliclady(z7 NC)

I sell mine $10-14 lbs $10 is usually with stalks and $12-$14 leaves only. $10.00lbs to resturants (leaves only)

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Mine is .90/oz for specialty basils (purple, African blue, cinnamon, etc.) Price per # for regular Italian is $12.00, greenhouse grown so no dirt & includes some stem. Micro basil is $2.00/oz, $32.00/lb. I'm selling as much micro to restaurants as the regular size & that will increase as heirloom tomatoes are ready. We also grow a petite blend of purple, Italian & lemon which is a great seller.

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gponder(7/South OR)

The $18.00 price is what I get at our local growers markets.I grow the large leaf Italian basil. Again, they are leaves only, perfect, certified organic and packed in air tight cellulose bags. Restaurant owners and chefs buy from me and don't have a problem with paying for high quality basil. I suggest you check prices at your local growers market/s to see if your prices are too low. Don't sell yourself short. We growers work hard and should be compensated fairly.

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I've been selling basil for $8/lb

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Old post popping up. In 2003, I was getting $12-20 per lb, depending upon amount.

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It's 2014, & 2.50$ an oz. At Walmart &,. So I'm glad ya' ll stopped by mine organic (D.EARTH) & cleaned...... Thanks

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