Pole beans or bush

pitterpat_2009July 17, 2014

I am thinking of putting in Kentucky wonder pole beans where my peas were, is there any difference in flavor as far as customer preference if anyone has tried pole beans seems they would be much easier to harvest.

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Pole beans are more work at first but when it comes to picking them youll love them compared to bush type. I have good luck with turkey craw.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Yes they taste way better than bush.

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With bush beans I make 0-1 passes and then pull the whole plant and let my kids collect all the beans, not much lost if any.

I grew the purple Italian pole beans this year and they are gorgeous and taste great but cook up pretty ugly. Good enough to eat raw though.

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I grew KW and Bush Blue Lake last year and everyone preferred the BL. So this year I'm doing the pole version of BL to get the extended harvest though on an interior raised bed I may need a ladder (last year grew on last bed by fence, I could reach most from inside since that bed was lower, DS was tall enough to get the ones on outside though the land dips).

I'm also growing bush versions of Cherokee Wax, Jackson Wonder and Tendergreen so we'll see how it goes. CW has a few thread-sized beans, other bushes have flowers but the pole beans have very few, they're still climbing.

KW got strings when they got bigger, and even picked when stringless they have a pretty strong taste, people at market preferred the "round beans" and even DS who loves green beans with garlic (no butter!) preferred the BL. So a lot of KW got blanched and frozen in small packs to throw in soup.

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Thanks for the comments on variety, I will look into those just hope we have a late fall to get them at harvest stage, I am planting this weekend after I finish cleaning out the sugar snap peas ....thanks again.

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Another thing is that bush beans typically have shorter DTM than pole types....

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skatcon(z3 MN)

My favorite bean is Rattlesnake. I grow Provider for some early beans but Rattlesnake pole bean is my main crop. They start bearing later but bear heavily. They have purple splotches that disappear when cooked. They are very tender and very sweet. So much easier to pick.

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