Japanese Maple...buy now, plant in spring?

karen_rc(4b Canada)August 25, 2012

Hi all,

I've got the opportunity to purchase 3 small (in 2 gallon pots) Japanese Maples for a very good price. I'm in the process of redoing a garden bed, ripping out a ton of invasive perennial roots (planted by the previous owner), but won't have the bed ready to plant this fall.

Can I leave the trees in their pots over the winter and plant next spring? If so, what should I do to protect them? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Karen in Keswick

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Just so you know, USDA 5 is usually considered the lowest zone JM's can be safely grown in....and even a number of zone 5 souls have difficulty with them :-)

Yes, you can overwinter them in their containers but they will need protection. An unheated basement or barely heated garage - somewhere where the temperature does not fall much, if anything, below freezing but stays below around 45F (7C) also. Or, you can sink the pots in the ground outdoors in a protected location but you do run some risk of cold damage if you have a rough winter, just by virtue of your location.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

If you sink them in the ground, put them where they will be in shade all through winter. This will slow down bud swelling in spring and lessen the chance of a late freeze killing the buds.


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