Container potted Japanese Maple...left outdoors during winter?

cadillactasteAugust 29, 2012

Thanks for taking the time to read my post...I am considering doing a fairy garden or childhood memory garden. I was considering adding a miniature JM and hanging a mini tire swing from a branch.

Not sure if the outdoor garden that will be in a container will need to be brought in during winter months if I planted a JM in it.. This would decide my size of container I did use.

Also some suggestion as to which miniature JM for this task would be appreciated as well.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

We need to know what zone you're in, or better yet, general location where you live.

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So sorry about that...that would be helpful wouldn't it. I live in N.E.Ohio,which our area is a Zone 5.

Thanks Mike!

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Zone 5 is pretty much the lower hardiness range for Japanese maples. Any container-grown JM will need winter protection in your climate - either indoors under low heat or sunk in the ground. And it really doesn't matter what size container.

And 'miniature' JM's is a bit misleading :-) Sure, there are dwarf varieties but even dwarfs grow. And often faster than you would expect. I'd take mature size listings for dwarf JM's you find online with a large grain of salt - they tend to be seriously understated. Both my dwarf 'Mikawa Yatsubusa' and 'Hupp's Dwarf' - not supposed to exceed 4-5 feet - are already close to 4' feet tall and still very young. And are low graft plants as well. I know of one Mikawa planted inground that is around 15' tall!!

I've included a pretty good link for "dwarf" JM's - but keep in mind these guys - like all other trees - just keep on growing :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: dwarf Japanese maples

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Thanks GardenGal48...I guess I hadn't realized that. I just assumed ones put them in containers they must stay small. And doing a Google search they showed tiny trees in planters. Some even shallow planters.

Re-thinking tree idea...

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Tiny trees in shallow planters are bonsai :-) Very doable with Japanese maples but a LOT more work than simply growing a tree in a container. Which in itself is a lot more work than growing the same tree in the ground.

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A lot of work...Hm-mmm Not sure I wish to get in under my head on this project. I want to enjoy it not have it have the best of me.

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