One bed not coming up, another going gangbusters

bobomcdo(z4 MN)April 14, 2010

My streetside garden, mostly hostas, is showing no signs of life. My side-yard garden is coming up like crazy: hostas, peonies, lilies, rudbeckia, etc. Could the entire streetside bed have been killed? I guess only I can answer that, but is anyone else experiencing this seemingly delayed start? Thanks!

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thisismelissa(z4a-S Twin Cities MN)

It sure could have.
Especially if a lot of salt was used and it contaminated the soil.

Incidentally, most hostas are just barely emerging right now. I have a bed of over 300 and I have only 1 that is big enough to be seen thru the mulch and leaves.

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Give it time...Everything is weird this spring. Some of my hostas, daylilies, etc. are up to 6 inches tall already and some haven't evenn peekd out of the ground yet.

It's'll be fine.


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Same as doucanoe.
gramma jan

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I agree also, I have Hostas up about a foot and little purple nubs in another garden. Sunlight and soil temp play a huge role and they can vary greatly from area to area. Its the whole micro-climate game.


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