Red Maple trees growing slowly?

cfsb94August 22, 2014

Hello, this is my first post on this forum, and my first attempt to grow a tree from seed.

I did the stratification process for 30 days, and after that, i planted them in a small pot with loamy soil, and left it in my backyard for direct sun exposure.
The sun is too strong in the summer, the pots were really hot, and two of the sprouts died.

Now i have them in a small greenhouse, but i notice that they're growing slowly. They're 1 ~ 2 months old and the tallest plant is only 3 inches.

What could be causing this slow growth? Maybe because they're in the greenhouse? Or maybe because the roots need more soil to grow? I have no experience with gardening so any help is good.

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First of all, It appears you used dirt from your yard/garden, you should have used a much coarser mix so it drains better. Your problem is probably from the soil retaining too much water and the roots can not grow. I'd recommend something like 3 parts screened pine bark mulch 1 part pearlite, 1 part potting mix

Here is a good article explaining the physics involved in growing plants in containers.

Here's one that's much more in depth.

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Yes, its soil from my backyard. Thank you, i'll follow your advice!

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