Driveways & Winter

leaveswave(.)April 28, 2006

If I lived in a warmer climate (and soon it may be) I would replace my driveway in a heartbeat. I wonder if there's any material I can use that will:

  • stand up to freeze and thaw cycles

  • tolerate occasional snowblower use

  • be less than 100% impervious

  • be usable on a 20-degree slope

I'm thinking even if there's something that could handle the first 3, the last one would be a deal-breaker. My driveway is 150 feet long. Half of it is asphalt and half concrete. The 20 feet or so at the end slope down to the street. Your thoughts?

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Here's a link that has information on types of driveways (i.e. tar and chip) and automatic snow melt systems (yeah, right--perhaps I could afford a hairdryer)
Duluth has some great cobblestone streets. When there are frost heaves (like in July) they are easily repaired. A 20% grade is steep, even by Duluth standards. Great sledding though.

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