Nandina 'Plum Passion,' beautiful, but hardy??

reddbuffalo(Zone 7 DC)May 4, 2005

Hi. I would love to plant a bunch of Nandina "Plum Passion." their purple leaves are just so beautiful. BUT i hear that this plant may not be as hardy as some other nandinas as I don't want to lose my plant money!

Has anyone had experience with this plant? I am ever the optimist so I might need someone to rein me in!


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juliet11(z7 MD)

I live in Silver Spring, MD and have had two "Plum Passion" nandinas for about three years. They lose more leaves during the winter than the plain species and "Gulf Stream" nandinas that I also have. By the end of winter my "Plum Passions" are almost leafless. But they leaf out and are beautiful by late spring. I prune several of the oldest stems to the ground early each spring so that the plant will stay bushier. They sucker a bit from the roots and will send up new shoots up to about a foot away from the main base of the shrub. Mine flower fine, but do not have many berries. Their leaves are a fine texture and a beautiful purplish red.


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reddbuffalo(Zone 7 DC)

thanks so much! so helpful! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! lori

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Hey Juliet

I live nearby in Alexandria. With the snow from the past week or two, our Plum Passion took on quite a bit of the white stuff and started drooping over (but did not break). Last year this was not an issue since it was still too small to take on any significant weight of snow.

Do you know if it is recommended that Plum Passions be covered/shielded from winter snow? The one I have is appx. 6+' high.


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juliet11(z7 MD)

Hi cfillio,

My two Plum Passions are also drooping a bit after the weight of the snow. Sorry I can't answer your question about protecting them for the winter - I've never tried to protect them and I don't know if that's recommended.

Mine always look pretty bad by the end of winter (they lose most of their leaves), so I cut them back quite a bit (to about 3 or 3.5 feet)in the spring. Once it gets warm they grow back quickly. I think that if I didn't cut them back (I also cut a couple of the oldest, woodiest stems to the ground each spring) all the new leaves would grow at the top and the shrubs would be bare on the bottoms.


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I have 3 or 4 of these beauties, which have been planted for at least 5 years in my front yard on Long Island, NY. We have had a number of extremely harsh winters and they continue to amaze me...they are totally evergreen and absolutely gorgeous year-round. They get very little sun where I have them planted and still does not seem to bother them. I can't understand why they are not more popular. I don't try to protect them and give them very little care. The soil is fairly damp, they seem to like that.

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I realize this is a 10 year old thread, but I, too, love this 'Plum Passion.' It's such a lovely, dusty purple as opposed to my favorite red. It's also started to reseed after probably 10 years.

Hardy? I haven't run into a nandina that isn't!

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