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TVZ1July 28, 2012

I've always kept my potatoes in a labelled cardboard box (closed up) at my roadside stand, figuring that otherwise they'd turn green. However, I put out some fresh new potatoes a couple of days ago, and I just looked in the box--They're all getting rotten & moldy. I guess that's what happens when you haven't cured them.

Does anyone have a tip on this? Do I need to just leave them out in the open air? How long til they become green?



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i keep mine in a tomato box in the basement. at least an amount i want to take to the market. otherwise at this time of the year they keep best in the ground.

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How long were they in that box? I keep new potatoes in a plastic box (not ventilated) in a dark corner of my basement, with the lid slightly askew to let air in. I've actually kept some 10 days without any molding (though some small ones seemed soft, not squishy, just soft).

Did you wash and dry them before putting them in the box? How hot and humid has it been at the stand?

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It was about 4 days, ajsmama. I had first left them out for a day in the sun to dry off, and did not wash them. But we've had some warm humid weather, and I guess the moisture in the potatoes was too much in that closed up box. Unless someone has another idea, I think next time I'll try keeping them in a woven basket which will breath better.

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The advice I got here (thanks Marla!) was to wash them off and dry them (I use wire shelves in the garage with burlap hung to block the light), then pack them in boxes and put in a dark place.

Do you need to keep a lot out at the stand? Could you replenish once a day as you sell them, keep the bulk some place less hot and humid?

The red potatoes are less likely to green than gold/white, and if your stand is like a shed it might be dark enough to leave them uncovered in the basket.

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Sounds like you're getting moisture. Of course, 4 days for new potatoes is too long. Dig more often, but less. If you get a customer that wants more, personally dig more just for them, plus an little.

I only keep new potatoes for 3 days MAX, actually after digging on day 1, selling on day 2, refrigerator on day 3 to eat ourselves.

Sheila, sounds like you've learned alot. Another drying tip, old wooden screen doors or windows work really well. I prefer not the metal screens when possible.


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The 10-day old ones that didn't sell last week were made into potato salad yesterday and they were still yummy.

I've been digging and washing on day 1, packing on day 2 after drying overnight, and selling on day 3 - no complaints, I can get $3/lb easily, have gotten as much as $4/lb.

About the doors - make sure the spline is set and the potatoes aren't too heavy! My old screen door fell apart, that's why I went to the (thin) wire shelves of my mini-greenhouse (without the plastic zippered cover of course). Laid newspaper on the shelf with the smallest potatoes so they wouldn't fall through, made sure to turn them to dry the underside the next day.

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My screens that I used in the past didn't have splined, but were stapled on.

I'm glad you're getting some good prices and sales.

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