Ryusen: link to pruning tips...as well as photo of my Ryusen

cadillactasteAugust 28, 2012

I picked this up after a debate of not wishing to lose a weeping pine. [Not sure of specific name] Due to having a Black Walnut in the yard. With the Japanese Maple on the list of things you can plant...I fell in love with the noticeable curves of the branches as they drape to the ground. They had straighter ones there that you didn't notice as much character to the trunk...with the curves. Not sure if there is a right way or wrong way to stake these. But never the less this one really caught my eye. And I claimed it...It's 3 foot tall...and I may watch to see if I can add more height to it later with staking...spoke to "my nursery" on more in depth instructions. For I grabbed this one at a nursery that I don't typically frequent that is further from my home but was having a sale that I noticed as I drove by. And the person who helped me was not very knowledgeable with this particular tree.

Did some searching...read that Miracle Grow will kill this tree. And found some good tips on thinning/pruning as well. Though my husband is concerned with thinning to much after just planting it. So we'll wait a bit on that. Actually now that we've waited a bit...not sure if I need to thin the bottom...Still pondering. I was advised to pull branch I contemplate taking off out of the way to see if I like the desired look "before" pruning... Good tip I though.

LINK TO PROPERLY PRUNING: I found this interesting...because it gives two ways to prune for separate looks.


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read that Miracle Grow will kill this tree

Absolutely NO basis to this 'supposed fact'! There is nothing mysterious or magic about MG's forumulation that would make it toxic to Japanese maples. And plants don't care from what source their nutrients are derived - synthetic chemical (like the MG) or from completely organic sources, it's all the same to them.

FWIW, I grow almost my entire collection of JM's in containers and they get fertilized frequently with Miracle Gro (or similar "blue water" fert). They do get topdressed in spring with Osmocote, as well as when freshly planted or replanted, but receive supplemental liquid ferts during the growing season as do all my other plants grown in containers.

The only concern one might have is that JM foliage is very sensitive and they dislike anything other water on their leaves, even liquid fertilizers or pesticides. Can cause a phytotoxic reaction and damage the foliage. But certainly not kill the tree. That's just a load of hooey!!

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Thanks for the heads up! Now I need not worry so much...I am curious if they may have gotten it on the leaves. And thought it dead.

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Thanks for the link. I absolutely LOVE this tree. I bought and planted one in the height of our summer dry spell in full all day sun right next to a huge rock ledge (so lots of heat) and I did not skip a beat. I will let it drape down the rock ledge like a ground cove.
I plan on buying several more to play with and train different ways. Love Love Love this tree.

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GreenHavenGarden I too am in love with this tree. In trying to learn more about it. I have seen photos and ones mentioning that they have planted this without it being staked period...it is less than 12 inches high and pure ground cover! I am also considering trying to locate one to do that as well.

My mother in law mentioned my husband's grandma had a red one. But I do believe that variation gets large. For the kids would climb on it and under it.

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My husband and I are at different ends on this tree. He likes the full mound waterfall look. Where I prefer seeing the branches to a some extent.

Tempted to prune just a tad...maybe he won't notice a little bit taken off.

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I have 3 of them now. I can't decide what look I like best. I did buy one that was very full, like a waterfall. I can't see any branches and its beautiful. I have 36 maples all together but this is still my favorite. I plan on buying even more Ryusen. There's just so many ways to train them :)

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You can see ours is much fuller this year. I figured next early spring pruning before the leaves are on.

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