Any last words on Campbells Risk Management

rustico_2009July 14, 2012

I am about ready to send a check.

Seems like if it was poor coverage something would pop up here or with Internet searches?

Lots of market related sites offering links to Campbells.


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I use them and they are great. Good customer service when I needed to add a location.

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I was told by their agent that a new location is officially added by an email and no other advance confirmation is needed.
Is that how you have added locations?

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Didn't sign on yet.
A few things bother me.
1) current online application is less than what I was quoted on the phone. Not much but it doesn't seem right since the best way to find and do business with them is the Internet.

2) Application headline has their company name spelled wrong.
CAMBPELL instead of CAMPBEll. Nit picky, but as vague as the process seems to be presented by CAMPBELLS it seems they would try to win confidence by looking professional.

Maybe a perfectly good company, but I am still looking.

Does anyone know of Campbell or any other of these companies ever paying a claim for a market grower vendor?

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First of all, what type of insurance are you wanting. I bought a general liability business policy that would take care of my business property and liability. It wouldn't cover a crop loss, that you need to have covered under a farm policy. I'm not sure what Campbell's offer, but I don't like buying online.

I understand about misspelling, after all there is a thing called 'spell check' and it's rather easy to use.

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Hi Marla,

I don't always spell or write properly, but if needed an editor goes over important things carefully. My better half is an English teacher.

I think that for what I want it will be necessary to buy online. I have shopped all local contacts.

Curiously, none of the 4 markets I have been to ask for insurance. On the other hand if we are covered by a master policy they certainly are not announcing it? Weird.

I only need vendors product liability and general liability for a few year round markets with under 100k of total sales. Nothing for the farm or crop loss. Basically I want to cover the produce, eggs and the chance someone gets hurt around my stall. That's what I think is needed at this time.

A long established local market's website points to Specialty Insurance Agency, so I am looking into them.

For less than 100K in sales, the annual policies are all around $400 for one million coverage on product and general liability each. They are willing to add other insureds (markets) for free. The price isn't bad, but it would be nice to somehow get stronger validation that the companies are professional and have paid claims if ever the need has arisen.

My guess is that claims against market grower vendors are very rare?

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I had a general liability policy for $157 for $1-2M (don't remember which), but I don't think it covered product liability. Veggies are not as hazardous as the eggs. I never had to add other insureds to any policy, they just wanted to see that I had liability coverage. My policy was thru AutoOwners, but not for vehicle liability, they write all kinds of policies.

I haven't heard of ANY claim against SMALL growers, just the big guys.


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