help save my flowering plum

lammyman(z6 Reading, Pa)May 23, 2005

I recently moved into a home with some very mature landscaping, all of which is healthy with the exception of a flowering plum. It was covered in ivy and honeysuckle, and has evidence of some type of bore, and huge scales.

It flowered later than other plums in the area and now only has sad leaves at the very tips of the branches, the rest of the plum is bare.

I removed the ivy and honeysuckle, but what should I do about the other pests. i have no problems using heavy duty pestisides, just let me know what would be most effective.

Can it be saved?

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If you don't get the info you need here, try the Fruit Forum (link below). A picture of the bores would help. Noticing any frass (like grainular sawdust) at the bore entrances? Did the leaves curl and toughen before the dropped or did they wilt and soften?

Happy gardening,

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit and Orchards Forum link

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