mistreated Japanese Maple

john9(5)August 31, 2012

Due to ignorance we planted a young Japanese maple in clay soil and all day sun this spring. Only after it began struggling did I do some research and learn of my mistakes.

It had stopped growing and had begun slowly losing leaves.

Recently, however, it has begun sprouting new bright, red leaves and shoots over most of its branches.

Despite the full sun location and the clay soil, amended with mulch, is there hope for this tree in its present location?

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There's always hope :-) However, without knowing - or better yet - seeing exactly how and under what conditions it has been planted, it's hard to provide any assurances.

If you can come back with the name of the JM and some pics of how it has been planted, maybe we can give you some better info. FWIW, all day sun and clay soil - provided you properly accounted for it - do not necessarily mean the tree will not thrive.

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