Dark Cloud over my Ukigumo

fmogul(z6-7 NY)August 7, 2007

Yes, I know fussy, temperamental Ukigumo's are a regular thread in this forum, but most of those seem to be about recent transplants. Mine's well into Year Two (planted last spring) and no sign of variegation whatsoever. The leaves are 100% green. It's too late to hope for anything this year, and I'll give it another year to prove itself, but I wonder what the odds are of it ever getting those nice green-and-white leaves? I had pretty much given up on it, then last weekend I saw a nice specimen in a local park and had foliage envy and got to thinking maybe there is some hope for mine, after all.

It's in a small shade garden where it only gets a few hours of direct sun and a few more of dappled. I probably amended the soil a little too much before planting but have left it alone since. Drainage is good, and it's generally healthy.

What do you think? Is it likely to increase in variegation over time or stay the same? Any measures to take? I assume not and that all I can do is patiently wait, but feel free to make some suggestions!

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

My guess would be yes...unless it is in too much shade then all bets are off ...Mine has also been in the ground for two years and shows no variegation...it does get afternoon filtered sun ... I personally think it is a really pretty tree even with out it but I assume mine will eventually show some but if not I really don't care (it's one less "burning" problem to deal with ;>)).
Everyone should always remember that those picture perfect photos you see in catalogues are there for a reason ...to sell the tree ...I would bet most don't ever look that good or only for a short period of time...and most likely vary from year to year except in the most perfect growing areas under the most perfect growing conditions..David

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In Orygun, "Ukigumo" can be planted out in full sun and does quite well after getting established. But even here, it will throw green branches that normally revert to varigated the next year. The right coast is a much different world from here, but I would still question the validity of the plant if no varigation is noted in two years of growth.

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