Crimson Maple

john9(5)August 30, 2012

I purchased a 7' crimson maple at Lowe's and planted it in mid May. It came in a container. It leafed out fine before planting, while we were waiting for the landscapers to do the yard. Since shortly after planting, there has been almost zero new growth; no new leaves or shoots. I recently loosened the (clayish) soil farther out from the base and found that there apparently has been root growth.

The twigs are supple and the tree is definitely alive. It's been well watered.

It's been a very hot summer. Any ideas as to why this tree may not be growing?

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The growing season is probably over

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Thanks for the thought. However, we have other deciduous young trees and shrubs which have continued to put on modest growth, even until now. This tree hasn't put on any in three months.

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The larger the tree, the longer it takes for it to settle in and become established. Only once it is fully established will you see any significant top growth. Establishment usually takes several growing seasons, sometimes longer, depending on species and size. During this time the tree is busy developing a good root system and not focusing on top growth.

FWIW, B&B trees often take a much longer time to respond after planting compared to container grown trees. Delay in establishment can also be the result of improper planting practices or circling/girdling root issues.

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