Japanese Maple overwinter?

greendale(6B)August 3, 2014

Hi, All:

I know it is too early to think about overwintering, but want to get prepared. I got the following JPs this spring, they were in pots with diameter 6 and 1/4 inches. (Can you tell how many gallons the pot is from the diameter?) I potted them up to pots with diameter 8 and 1/2 inches. They were not pot bound in the original pot but I potted them up anyway. (Did not want to bother them too much to pot them down again). The tree are around 2 feet tall. Should I bring them in an attached garage/unheated basement or bury the pot into ground outside. (I am a little concerned they are too young for our brutal winter outside.) Also, are they true to the names? Thanks.

Autumn Moon

Tsuma Gaki

Kasaki Yama


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ysrgrathe PA 6b

I'm in 6b too. You should be fine burying them *if* you have an area that is sheltered.

I have a small Autumn Moon in-ground in a sheltered area in the lee of my house, it made it through the terrible winter we just had with no dieback. I had no problem with trees in pots that I mulched in nearby against the house. However, I lost a Tsuma Gaki and a Kasagiyama that were in more exposed areas of the landscape. FWIW, my Bloodgood was fine in a very exposed area, but it is also a *lot* bigger.

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Thanks ysrgrathe. I am in RI. What do you mean sheltered? Like something overhang with roof? My back yard northern side is fenced. Will it ok they are buried close to the fence? Thanks again.

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ysrgrathe PA 6b

I'm not an expert, but I think the most important factors are protection from wind and sun. Wind dries and can lower effective temperatures, sun can lead to frost cracking and other heating damage when the roots are frozen. Your location near a fence sounds like it could be good if it is a buffer from prevailing winds and the winter sun.

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Here in 5a I have overwinter JM without problems in pots, either in my compost pile or sandwiched between 2 hay bales (with the gaps stuffed with more hay and hay piled up around the tops -- that was this past nasty winter where temps dropped to -18F). Mine was a Bloodgood and an unknown variety. I don't know if your others are perhaps more tender.

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